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Sirbalo Biography, Age, Net worth, Comedy

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Sirbalo is a top Nigerian online comedian, social media influencer, YouTuber, Entertainer, and Video content creator. Sirbalo’s real name is Timothy Obotuke though he is always known as Sirbalo.

Real NameTimothy Obotuke
Date of Birth27th March
OccupationContent creator, Online comedian, Brand ambassador
EducationUniversity of Lagos
Net worth$250,000

Sirbalo Early Life and Background

Sirbalo was born on the 27th of March in Nigeria. His exact year of birth is unknown. He is a student of the Lagos State University Ojo campus.

What is Sirbalo state of origin? He is from Delta state; in Southern Nigeria.


Sirbalo Comedy

Sirbalo began making online comedy videos about 4 years ago posting regularly on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. He came to great popularity in 2017 after one of his comedy videos went viral.

Sirbalo Girlfriend

Sirbalo is one comedian who has featured various girlfriends in his comedy skits but has not come out clearly to reveal his real girlfriend. No one knows for sure who his girlfriend is.

Sirbalo Net worth

Sirbalo net worth – He is one of the most influential comedians in Nigeria and has a net worth of $250,000.


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