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Tamara Lich Biography

Tamara Lich is a Canadian politician and activist who is best known to be one of the leading protesters in the Canadian Freedom Convoy who are protesting against vaccine mandates in the country.

Tamara Lich is a member of the Maverick Party, a federal political party located in Western Canada, as well as a board director. She launched a Go Fund Me website for the Freedom Convoy 2022.

NameTamara Lich
HusbandWayne Lich
Known ForCanada’s Freedom Convoy Protest
Net worthest. $700,000

Tamara Lich Husband

Tamara Lich’s husband is Wayne Lich. He testified at the bail hearing of Tamara Lich where he said that he flew to Ottawa Feb. 2 on a private jet, the $5,000 cost of which was covered by a “really nice gentleman” he doesn’t really know.

Tamara Lich GoFundMe Donation For Freedom Convoy

Tamara Lich of the Maverick Party has set up a GoFundMe campaign to help the Freedom Convoy of truckers. She created the page in order to raise funds for the drivers who are now protesting the federal government’s COVID-19 decree.

On the Go Fund Me page, more than $2.5 million has already been raised. The funds will be distributed to protesting truck drivers who are traveling across the country, beginning in British Columbia and ending in Ottawa.

Tamara Lich Linkedin

Tamara’s LinkedIn page was recently cancelled, and we are sad to tell that we have very little information on her employment.

Tamara Lich Net worth

Tamara Lich has an estimated net worth of more than $700,000.

Tamara Lich Career

However, we do know that she previously worked in the energy sector. Later, he entered politics as a leader of the Wexit Canada movement. The Wexit is currently known as the Maverick Party, which was founded by Jay Hill on January 10, 2020.

It is a political party in the United States that has advocated for constitutional charges to be benefited.

She became a member of the Maverick Party when it was campaigning for the independence of Western regions. She had previously participated in the Canadian “Yellow Vest” protest as well as the smaller “United We Roll” trucker protest in 2019.

She has also worked as a fitness instructor and sang and played guitar in the Medicine Hat Bar band Blind Monday before taking on all of these roles.

She and her spouse have both joined Maverick. However, as the demonstration grows in intensity, Mrs. Tamara has resigned from her position at Maverick this week in order to dedicate more time to the Freedom Convoy protest.

Tamara Lich Arrested

Tamara Lich, Chris Barber, and Pat King, three key organizers of the so-called Freedom Convoy, have been arrested in Ottawa.

Lich and Barber were detained separately by Ottawa police on Thursday, and both remained in prison on Friday, when King was arrested as part of a bigger police presence in downtown Ottawa.

Both Lich and Barber have been charged with inciting others to conduct mischief. Barber is also accused of advising someone to break a court order and advising someone to obstruct police.

The two have been dubbed “essential leaders” of the Ottawa occupation, which has already lasted three weeks. They were among a slew of arrests made on Thursday and Friday. Barber was spotted in handcuffs between two police officers a few blocks from Parliament Hill.

Tamara Lich Court Appearance

On Friday, Lich and Barber will appear in court for the first time in Ottawa. Pat King, an Alberta native, is anticipated to face criminal charges as well.

Ms. Lich appeared in person in the prisoner’s box of an Ottawa courthouse, wearing a mask.

Ms. Lich stated that she only wants to return to Alberta to be with her husband and children, and that she could only pay a $5,000 bond.

She agreed to stop advocating for the demonstration and leave Ottawa by car, claiming that she would need several days to make the necessary arrangements because she lacks the needed vaccine passport and her financial accounts have been frozen.

After the government invoked the Emergencies Act, police were given broad powers to clear the streets. Protest-related bank accounts have been frozen, protesters’ automobile insurance has been revoked, and protests near Parliament Hill and border crossings have been prohibited. Tow truck drivers, who were previously fearful of retaliation, are now required to assist the police.

As officers drew closer to Parliament Hill, some officers smashed windows and dragged people out of their cars. Trucks and other vehicles were towed away by tow trucks.

Large trucks are parked bumper to bumper in the main area of Parliament Hill, making it impossible for police to clear demonstrators. Many truckers claim they’re willing to give up their rigs in what they call a “life-or-death” battle against COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

Canada’s Freedom Convoy

Canada’s Freedom Convoy 2022 is a protest organized by truck truckers.

It all began in November 2021, when the United States requested that Canadian truck drivers crossing the border be vaccinated or quarantined for 14 days.

The newly enacted rule made life difficult for truck drivers, who have been vocal in their criticism of the government ever since. They began their protest in British Columbia and are on en route to Ottawa.

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