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Tega Husband Reacts, Tega and Boma Video Last Night Duvet

Tega, a Big Brother Naija housemate, has been widely chastised on social media by Nigerians when a video of her kissing Boma under the duvet surfaced.

Tega and Boma are seen kissing and making out under the duvet in a video that has gone viral.
This sparked outrage on social media, with viewers criticizing Tega for disrespecting her house as a married woman and having affairs with another guy.
While some condemned Boma for exploiting a married woman, others chastised Tega for doing so on national television.
The viral video simply showed them kissing and making some provocative moves under the covers, so it’s unclear if they had intercourse.

Ajmoney, the husband of Tega, a Big Brother Naija participant, has admitted to cheating on his wife.

Tega’s spouse revealed the news in a Tuesday post on his official Instagram page.

He was responding to her assertion that if her marriage dissolves after the show, she will move on with her life.

She informed Boma and Liquorose that she isn’t afraid to move on because she will be the one with everything, including money and fame.

Tega’s husband admitted that he cheated on her in their marital house, and that the mistake had cost them a lot of money.

He said,

“First of all, I Love My Wife so much. However, I will like to state that our marriage is not perfect just like many other marriages out there. We are two imperfect people. The past 24 hours have been hell for us as a family.

“I have wronged my wife in so many ways but cheating on her was what broke the bond we had as a couple. Before you judge me, please note that I’m not perfect. I’m not the best husband as you all think I am. – I cheated on my wife in our matrimonial home. – I am not proud of this.

“This mistake has caused so much damage in our marriage to the extent of her threatening to leave our once happy home. In my own little way, I have tried to make amends for everything I have done wrong. I have tried to support her dreams, to campaign and defend her and also to be a better man. But all these are done in her absence. She doesn’t deserve me. She deserves her happiness and peace of mind. And if she is doing or saying anything to spite me, it’s because I deserve it. I am sorry babe for not being the man you wanted me to be for you. I am sorry for everything,” he wrote.

“ I am just a man that erred and hoped to be forgiven. I love my wife and will give her all the support she needs. Even if she doesn’t forgive me, I want the best for her because she has been nothing but the best woman in my life.

“God bless you all for your prayers and support.

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