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If you love to travel, these photos will inspire you to do just that. Culled from a pool of instagram travel pages, these travel photos of various locations are the perfect expression of what it really means to be free! These photographs highlight purity and perfection in a midst of glowing, appealing environment. Feed your eyes and let your mind wander far as you carefully scroll through eager to have a feel of it yourself!

Images: Instagram Worlderlust

Courage in the Storm

In this man and wild photo, the young man calmly poses for the camera amidst an intimidating stroke by an elephant. He shows confidence in the midst of elephants and it is impressive! A rare show of courage and bravery. *winks*

Lovely Bamboo Covers

This lady in Arashiyama Bamboo Forest Kyoto Japan is full of excitement as she holds unto her fan while looking at the cameraman. The background is adorned with rare, tall and beautiful bamboo trees that are poised to take your breath away as they look on in absolute wonder and bliss.

Runaway Island

Lake Bled Slovenia

Lake Bled, located in Slovenia describes peace and beauty.

Sleeping Slope

The sleepy village of Lauterbrunnen in Switzerland comes to life in this picture. A sloppy display of modesty and green environment. This particular photo is a constant reminder that clean air beautifies nature and keeps the environment green!

Love Frogs!

For this little kid, there’s nothing to worry about but a pair of frogs in a pool. The photo captures the completion of joy and satisfaction in doing what he wanted to do.

Giraffe Guards

Giraffe and man

Love giraffes? A near perfect photo that captures relaxation in the wild! The giraffes gracefully surrounds the man who is engrossed in his phone. A unique display of trust and security. This photo shows the harmony between technology, man and the wild.

Pinkie Forest

Pink leaves

First of all, this photo is real. Located in Rhode Island, USA; Its beauty is without comparison and it excites the travel hormones in us. Imagine taking a calm walk on this road with your loved one surrounded by smiling pink leaves side by side. This is simply glorious.

Palm Invasion

Tropical trees

How much we love tropical scenes! Taken in the tropical region of Hawaii, USA this location is a perfect spot for travellers who have a knack for the tropics. The palm trees in their ever-green manner line the road side by side. Taking a car-ride down this road alone could be the best feeling you’ll ever have literally. We coming Hawaii!

Nordic Expedition

Siberian Husky Norway

One thing the factboyz team is not sure of is whether the large siberian husky is real or not. Considering the fact that its so huge! That aside we have moved from the tropical Hawaii to the temperate Northern Norway. This lady in the photo is without doubt having a good time with two of her closest friends. The nordic background is obvious with ice all over. What a nice place!

Romantic Date

romantic maldives

A romantic outing in the island of Maldives. The water body in the background is as bright as the skies. The couple look at each other as love grows within.

Natural Shower

Elephant splashing water

This elephant decides to become the natural version of a bathroom shower! The children are full of excitement as they partake in a natural cleansing. The elephant sure does know how to relax and play around with humans. What a real assurance! There is this heavenly feeling humans have when they are at peace with the wild.

Sunlight Tales

Moon captured trees

The bare tree captures the reddish sun as two silhouette figures look on. This photo taken in Mersin, Turkey is nothing but perfection.

Arab Love Storm

Sand forms love

Lets head over to the middle east precisely Jordan. A photo that captivates love in a storm! The couple passionately get close to each other in the midst of a mini sand storm forming the figure of love

Clear Surf


A deep surf into the sea! The sea is as clear as spring water. A rare depiction of purity. Location: Lakeside, California


Boy with ducks

This picture sums up the concept of balance in colour. The young girl on yellow rain coats and yellow shoes look on as yellow ducks play around her. Cute!

Rural Bliss

German village

A german village describes beauty in rurality!

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