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Top 10 Best Courses To Study in Nigeria in 2021 and 2022

by Jay
Nigerian Students

The top 10 best courses to study in Nigeria for 2020 – 2021.

In the real sense, there is no course in Nigeria that can be described as the best course to study in the country. However, there are some courses that actually tend to give you a greater edge in Nigeria considering the way things are structured in this country amidst the massive rate of unemployment amongst  the youths with many of them already Masters Degree holders.

However, even if you do not see your course listed here, do not feel band and perplexed because anybody can succeed in whatever course they study; just ensure you put your mind in it and determine to be the best in it and watch yourself soar higher than your contemporaries.

In Nigeria, these courses listed below carry some form of prestige and pride especially for the students who are studying it in the university.

Parents in Nigeria are always elated whenever they are reminded that their children are studying one of these courses. Sadly, some of the hidden truth is that one may be studying these so called prestigious courses and be doing poorly academically.

Top 10 Best Courses To Study in Nigeria in 2021.



Medicine is our number one choice for one of the best courses to study in Nigeria. Medicine as a course in Nigeria is obviously not an easy course as it is very demanding and students who study medicine are expected to know and read much within a short period of time which can be hard for majority of students.

Though it is a difficult course, Medicine still maintains it’s lead as the number 1 course of choice by Nigerian students who just graduated from high school/secondary school.

The prestige associated with this course; has made many Nigerian parents, encourage their children to study medicine without fully considering if they even have passion for medicine!

Medical doctors are slightly paid well according to Nigerian standards; unfortunately, the high number of students who graduate from medicine in the university do not match with the number of hospitals in the country who are willing to accept them as most of these hospitals are already full.

Medical doctors in Nigeria are also seeking greener pastures by moving out of the country where they hope to find better wages and more conducive working environment.


best courses to study in Nigeria - Law

Studying law in a Nigerian university is a good investment that can benefit the student who studies the course immensely. Law is a very popular course amongst Nigerian students who want to push their education further ahead from Secondary school.

Most students in Nigeria who are Art inclined i.e they did not opt for Science or Commercials in secondary school, often make Law their first course of study when they write their JAMB exams.

However, to get admission to study Law can be very difficult and the JAMB cutoff mark for Law is often very high; hence students who opted to study Law often get disappointed and move to other courses such as Psychology, Education etc.

In Nigeria, most schools that offer law as a course of study often earmark 5 years as the duration to study the course.


best courses to study in Nigeria - Engineering

Engineering is a good course to study in Nigeria and it is one of the best course to study in a Nigerian university.

There is this craze among Nigerian parents to see their sons study Engineering. Truth be told, a good number of Engineering students who have graduated are under employed or unemployed. Thanks to the shitty Nigerian government.

However, most Nigerian parents do not seem to care as they still go ahead to push their sons to study the course as it still retains its prestige among Nigerians.

To study this course, you must love Maths! and loving Maths is not just good enough, you must be highly proficient in calculations to excel in Engineering.


best courses to study in Nigeria - Pharmacy

Studying Pharmacy in Nigeria is a good way of advancing your love for chemistry and anything chemically related! A wide range of universities in Nigeria (both public and private) universities offer pharmacy as a course.

However, to excel in this course or even get admitted to study the course, one must do well in his/her JAMB examinations by getting a high, enviable score. Also, the study of the course itself is competitive and must be done seriously as professional examinations are taken intermediately during the course of study which is usually 5 years. Pharamacy is a course of it’s own class.

Students who study this course are accorded so much respect. Much thanks to its ambiguity and its complexity. This course stands out as one of the courses most Nigerian parents encourage their children to study


best courses to study in Nigeria - Accountancy

A prestigious course among Nigerians, this course is an Art related course with a special knack for accounts and business mathematics. A good number of Nigerian students rush in a jazzy academic frenzy to study this course, because it is a course with a high employable rate. Nigerian parents are always keen to suggest this course as a second option to Law which is also Art related.


best courses to study in Nigeria - Architecture

Welcome to the world of creativity and design. This is a course that has recently caught the minds of Nigerian parents.

It is not surprising because of the lucrative nature of the course after study. Nigeria still a developing nation, buildings are needed everywhere and because of this, there is quite a high demand for Architects, Adding to this, Architecture students are known to make money from small jobs even while in school.

However, studying this Architecture in Nigeria is very stressful and time demanding but very rewarding afterwards. Architecture has various variations as to how many years one can spend studying the course. In some schools it is four years for the Bachelor level while in some other schools, the bachelor level is 5 years.

Compulsorily, to qualify as a registered architect, one has to obtain his/her masters degree program to stand a chance to be a fully fledged architect. In other words, obtaining a Masters in Architecture is the minimum requirement to get registered in Nigeria.

Nigeria has produced a good number of Architects who have made an impact on the global stage such as Architect Samuel Oboe and Architect Mbanefo.


best courses to study in Nigeria - Economics

Economics is another sought after Art related course which also holds a promising future for those who studied it only if they are willing to further their education and be an expert in the field.

The study of Economics in Nigeria and its relevance has produced the likes of Nigerian Economists such as Charles Chukwuma Soludo and Ngozi Okonjo Iweala. This course is highly placed in Nigeria and students who study Economics are often accorded a kind of special respect.



Nursing is definitely one of the best courses to study in Nigeria. Get into a discussion with an average Nigerian high school science girl and ask her the course she wants to study, don’t be surprised if she tells you nursing.

A good number of Nigerian mothers encourage their young daughters to study Nursing. Nursing in Nigeria just like Medicine slightly pay well according to Nigerian standards, coupled with the fact that Nursing is a lucrative profession globally.

To study Nursing in Nigeria, the aspiring student can either opt to study Nursing in a school of Nursing or in the university. There are various certificates for the particular study route the aspiring nursing student takes.

Studying nursing in Nigeria can be quite tasking and difficult, but in the long run it is rewarding. The aspiring nursing student must be keen to obey high professional ethics and standards that are taught in school and must be willing to apply them eventually.



Oh Banking and Finance! it is in our list of best courses to study in Nigeria. An average Nigerian thinks that when you study Banking and Finance you automatically qualify to be a bank manager!

Well, though there is slight truth in that; it takes a lot of years of study to achieve it. Banking on its own is a good, reputable course to study in Nigeria. And they have a good chance of being employable in the Nigerian Labour market.

While opting to study banking it would be good to consider furthering your education to a masters degree level or to a phD degree level to stand a chance of being on top of the labour force with respect to this course. 

Health Sciences:

best courses to study in Nigeria - Health sciences
An athlete receiving rehabilitative care for a sports injury.

By health sciences we mean this courses Medical Rehabilitation, Medical Laboratory Science, Radiography.

This courses are related to the medical line and are perfect substitutes for Nigerian parents when they see their children can’t get admitted into Medicine.

These courses are highly lucrative in Nigeria with high pay checks. Studying this courses means there must be an interest in the science related subjects of Chemistry and Biology.

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