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Nowadays, SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) plays a crucial role in web design. This is a well-known XML-based vector image format that is specifically designed for two-dimensional graphics and even compatible with all browsers except IE 9 and lower and old Android (V3). Well, unlike traditional image formats such as JPG or PNG, SVG files are easily scales from small to big without affecting the quality. Also, you could use a free online PNG to SVG converter that convert PNG to SVG vector image without losing a pinch of quality.

Well, if still not using SVG for your website, here are some patent pin-points why you should stick with it. Let’s find:

How To Use SVG For Website

Use SVG For Website

1.      Outstanding Resolution:

No matter what the retina displays, resolutions, screen size, or zoom level the file have, the only thing to consider is the quality. SVG is indicated as a vector-based format that enables paths, shapes, and fills, resulting in infinite resolution. Remember that similar to creating artwork for print and using shapes, the same process applies to SVGs, without the restriction in pixels that are normally prone with PNGs or the actual size when .JPG format suffers from. So, it’s better to turn PNG into SVG with free assistance of the best PNG to SVG converter online, and get quality converted files!

2.      Speed:

Remember that PNG raster images are great as they typically blend in the best from the size and quality of files. When PNG’s catering for HDPI displays, they usually weigh in at large file sizes. However, the larger the file size is, the slower is the load or render. When you want transparency in your images, use SVGs that come with small sizes and quick loading instead of using PNG files. You could try a free PNG to SVG online that helps you to convert your existing PNG images to SVG vector images.

3.      Animation:

Yes, Scalable Vector Graphics can be animated as well as styled with CSS. Also, the animations (transformations/transitions) that you consider in HTML elements can be used on SVG elements, when makes them work tremendously. However, there are only a few instances where you cannot be able to use CSS code to animate SVGs, they can be readily covered with JavaScript. So, it is clear that when it comes to SVG animation, the entire world of graphics becomes full of possibilities. Remember that SVG’s are W3C recommended format, so it’s time to save PNG as SVG vector file with best PNG to SVG converter online.

4.      Practicality:

Yes, there are numerous ways through which SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) can be used on the Web. You can see that they can display logos, also full-on physics engines or used in browsers. However, designers typically use SVGs for logos, icons, and simple animations. An SVG becomes famous due to the vector-based properties of this vector format. They are ideal for infographics and even allow the creation of responsive logos, masking effects, and even tons of new possibilities. And, if you aim to convert PNG to SVG for free, then make use of an online PNG to SVG converter right now that does conversions within a fraction of seconds.

5.      Accessibility And SEO:

You can see that Google’s Search Engine algorithm is constantly changing, so it looks daunting task to end in the top rank. If this is the case, SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) content is entirely indexed in the HTML that is highly beneficial for SEO. SVG files are easily modified by using JavaScript and CSS as they are not BMP (Bitmap) images. If your preference is to use high-quality images that can be scale to any size, then SVG is the ideal format. Even an online PNG to SVG converter provides you the feasibility of converting PNG to SVG vector images without sacrificing the quality. Remember that they compress well without distorting the layout, scale to any size, and even look great on all-size displays.

6.      It’s got a navigable DOM (Document Object Model):

Inside the browser, an SVG vector image format has its own DOM. You can see that this format is treated as a separate document by the browser and then simply positioned inside the normal DOM of the page. This is immensely important for the “view Box” property, as you people can draw images using canvas on any size, but right after display it in the browser at another one, all have been done without updating the properties inside the SVG. This separate, navigable (DOM) represents how a user interacts with the particular elements inside SVG through CSS and JavaScript.

7.      Recolor and redesign your graphics:

Suppose that you just have a simple logo that consists of only one color (white) and you are required to create a banner ad on which you need to upload your logo. But it is clear that the banner ad is the thing that is entirely designed with white colors, you ought to change the logo color. If you use there an SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) file, then it becomes much easier to change colors in any app. When it comes to website logos, it’s ideal to use SVG rather than PNG. Thus, an online PNG to SVG converter is designed to change PNG to SVG within a fraction of seconds.

8.      Upload Icons, Illustrations, Clipart, or Artworks:

It doesn’t matter at all whether you need an icon, or just want to upload your logo, use an illustration, add new clipart, or just print your artwork – SVG vector is the best new image file format for your uploads. If you already uploaded .PNG image files, then it’s the best time to convert them to SVG quality image files with the assistance of PNG to SVG converter. Remember that as much as you resize SVGs, they do not at all change their quality. SVG files can assist you to get the most out of your graphics and even they won’t get pixilated. It is noticed that SVG vector image maintain their aspect ratio and even the graphics remain clear and sharp.

9.      Assists to reduce the final size of the HTML5 package:

Most advertisers and designers have pet peeves about the size of their visuals right after they designed them and saved them. This is why experts highly recommended commencing with using SVG vector files in your design. Because using SVG files will assists you people to reduce the file size up to 200% while preserving the original quality.

10. Retina and mobile-ready:

It doesn’t matter how big or small your SVG vector image files are or even the pixel density of your screen is, your graphics always will be sharp as well as pixel-perfect. No doubt marketers always struggling with the one size fits all. And, even it is not that much about the size, but even also about the format of the content. No matter where to use, always aim for SVG instead of regular PNG files, if your existing image has .PNG extension, then just upload PNG into PNG to SVG converter and let it does all for you!

In a Nut-Shell:

Remember that an SVG vector image file is best for low-intensity artwork (logos, icons, and just simple graphics). You should have to read these above-mentioned pin-points before using SVG’s for your web design!

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