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Every year, a good number of people seek fun places to go to. here is a list of ten Nigerians states you should visit. These states and even others not mentioned here, will give you the perfect “Nigerian” experience. From the far south, Port Harcourt to the far north, Kano. you will be thrilled with centres, attractions and natural wonders that will surely live you excited.

Below is a list of states you should visit. Enjoy!



1. Lagos State:

Topping our list is the South Western state. Lagos. If you want to be thrilled by a rush of feelings to do crazy stuff; Lagos is the perfect location. The mega city is home to about 21 million people. With the rich and wealthy ones residing in Victoria Island, Lekki, and Banana Island.
A whopping 70% of Nigerian celebrities live in Lagos. Thus, ensuring the city maintains it’s spot as top destination to many.

Lagos offers the perfect night life most Nigerian cities do not offer. Playing its role as the economic epicentre of the country, foreigners are always flocking the city in search of the booze the city offers. The Lagos bar beach, Whispering Palms in the ancient city of Badagry, HI Impact Planet, Lekki Conservation Centre. And if you really need a romantic time with your loved one, try Tarkwa Bay Beach. Lagos doesn’t just come with the booze and fun. It can be quite nasty too especially the traffic congestion in its busy roads.

Magic Land Abuja


2. Abuja, Federal Capital Territory:

The federal capital territory of the country, comes next on our list. Abuja is a city with class. The environment alone tells you that. The well-arranged buildings with their various functions attest to the fact that the city was adequately planned. The city is home to top Nigerian Government officials. Top destinations for travellers include Aso Rock- A 600 metres monolith surrounded by prominent buildings including the presidential villa where the president resides. Others include Jabi lake, Millenium Park which is the largest public park in the city. We cannot fail to mention Thought Pyramid Art Centre, Magic Land- which serves as the Nigerian Disney Land. Abuja is known to be peaceful because of it’s administrative nature. However, most Nigerians cannot afford to live in Abuja because of its high standard of living.

Ngwo Pine Forest Enugu


3. Enugu City, Enugu State-

The South Eastern state of Enugu is a must visit for the perfect peaceful experience. Known as the coal city, the city is known for it’s serene atmosphere. Enugu prides itself as one of the highest grossing states with the highest internally generated revenues. The city is no stranger to beauty, hence it is every Nigerian’s dream to visit the city. The city has it’s unique attractions which include; Nike Lake and Resorts, Ezeagu waterfalls, Ngwo Pine forest and the amazing roller coasters of Oakland Amusement Park.

Kano City


4. Kano City, Kano State-

The North Western state of Kano is the perfect historical city you should visit in Nigeria. Kano prides itself as the economic jewel of the North. The city serves as the commercial nerve of Northern Nigeria. Kano is not necessarily the place to find “extreme” fun, because of its strict Islamic laws. However, it is a perfect hub for Educational and Economic activities. Kano State also doubles as the second largest industrial center after Lagos State in Nigeria and the largest in Northern Nigeria with textile, tanning, footwear, cosmetics, plastics, enamelware, pharmaceuticals, ceramics, furniture and other industries. Others include agricultural implements, soft drinks, food and beverages, dairy products, vegetable oil, animal feeds etc. Tourist attractions in Kano include; Gidan Makama Museum, Kurmi Market and the architectural masterpiece in the Emir,s palace.

Obudu Cattle Ranch

5. Calabar, Cross Rivers State-

The southern south city of Calabar, will indeed take your breath away. It is often dubbed as the cleanest City in Nigeria. Calabar is the perfect location for International conferences, carnivals and high class events. The Calabar carnival, tagged as “Africa’s biggest street carnival” which takes place after Christmas is well known worldwide with many foreigners participating. The carnival alone generates millions of dollars for the state.

Calabar provides the mini safari experience; thanks to the Obudu Cattle Ranch in it’s countryside. Calabar is home to various tourist attractions including Tinapa Resort, Calabar Museum and the Calabar Drill Monkey Ranch.

Pleasure Park, Port Harcourt


6. Port Harcourt, Rivers State-

The city of Port Harcourt will definitely leave you speechless. This oil rich city, will indeed reveal to you the true worth of crude oil and how much it can fetch. That asides, the city of Port Harcourt is a modern city with many trending vibes that will seek your attention. Port Harcourt is the entertainment hub of Nigeria just behind Lagos. The city of Port Harcourt prides itself as the garden city of Nigeria. No doubt, the city landscape is filled with beautiful flowers lined in perfect perfection all aimed at ensuring you never leave the city. Within the city, is a large expanse of land dedicated solely to flowers! What a beautiful sight to behold! Port Harcourt is home to tourist attractions such as Isaac Boro Park, The Port Harcourt Zoo, The Port Harcourt Pleasure Park, Bonny Island.

Godswill Akpabio International Stadium Uyo


7. Uyo, Akwa Ibom State-

If you love sports, the city of Uyo in AkwaIbom state is the perfect spot. The beautiful southern city is home to the best Stadium in Nigeria. The ultra-modern Godswill Akpabio International Stadium. The city is well planned with beautiful layouts and landscape. It is known for it’s solar powered street lights and its exclusive 5 star hotels. The city is the best spot for tourists from other states and countries.

Points of interest include: Godswill Akpabio International Stadium, Ibom Plaza, Ibom Tropicana Entertainment Centre. You can also try out the IBENO BEACH known as the longest beach in Africa.

Young Prince in Kaduna


8. Kaduna City, Kaduna State:

Forget the stories about insecurity and visit this city. Kaduna located in the northern part of Nigeria is the fourth largest state by area in the whole country. The state is reputably known for its top notch schools. The Nigerian Defence Academy is sited in this state. The state offers a good experience of cultural and religious diversity. The ancient city of Zaria, within the state will remind of what life looked like in the 16 and 17th century with it’s enduring presence of castles and acient walls. Tourists can visit the following places: Kamuku National Park, Kagoro Hills, Gamji Park, Kaduna Museum, Nok village.Kajuru Park and the palace of Emir of Zazzau.

Cocoa House Ibadan

9. Ibadan, Oyo State:

The ancient city of Ibadan is a city as old as the country itself. The South Western city, is the third most populous city in the country after Lagos and Kano. Ibadan has been the administrative centre of the old western region; and as such, ancient protective walls still stand to this day. Ibadan is a city with a powerful economy; dubbed as the second largest non-oil state economy in Nigeria. The city is well planned with an adequate number of relaxation spots and hubs. Adorning the city skyline stands the 105m Cocoa House; once the tallest building in tropical Africa. The ancient city is home to numerous tourist attractions including Agodi Gardens, Trans Amusement Park, Cocoa House, Mapo Hall, Irefin Palace and a host of others.

Happy Faces at the Ogbunike Cave. Anambra Photo credit- instagram @official_princechuks


10. Awka, Anambra State:

The south eastern city which is in Anambra state, is a city with bliss. This peaceful city, is a no go area, compared to the noisy Lagos. The city, which is about a twenty minutes’ drive from Onitsha, the economic heartbeat of Anambra state, is adorned with relaxation centres and Parks; far from the bustling of Onitha. Though the city is relatively small; tourists can enjoy the following places. Awka Wonderland, Barnhill Resort and Park, Club Gaga, and Diamond Pizza. The state however is known for its quality rural area road network and class in economic business activities. other points of interests in the state are Ogbunike Cave, River Niger, and the historic city of Igbo-Ukwu.







Hope you enjoyed our list. Thanks
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