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Tope Alabi Biography – Tope Alabi is a Nigerian gospel singer, film music composer, entrepreneur, and actress who was born on October 27, 1970.

Tope Alabi Biography

Tope Alabi Early Life and Biography

Tope Alabi was born in Lagos, Nigeria, to Pa Joseph Akinyele Obayomi and Madam Agnes Kehinde Obayomi on October 27, 1970. She is the only daughter of the family’s three children. Ayomiku and Deborah, her two daughters, are her children. She is from the Nigerian town of Yewa, Imeko, in the state of Ogun.

Tope Alabi Education

Alabi graduated from Oba Akinyele Memorial High School in Ibadan in 1986 with a West African School Certificate (WAEC). She then went on to the Polytechnic of Ibadan, where she majored in Mass Communication and graduated in 1990.

Tope Alabi Biography and Career

Tope used to be a member of the comic troupe Jesters International.
She went on to collaborate with other well-known traveling and stage theater companies in Ibadan and Lagos. She worked in the Nigerian Yoruba film genre.

After becoming a born-again Christian, Alabi transitioned towards gospel music.
Her rapid switch to Christian music was influenced by a major life change. God spoke to her, and she saw the need to use her gifts to sing Christian songs in both English and Yoruba that worship and glorify God.

Tope Alabi Biography

Tope Alabi Biography

Between 1990 and 1991, she worked as a correspondent for the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) in Ibadan, where she was mentored by Mr. Yanju Adegbite.

She also worked for Center-Spread Advertising Limited, which is based in Lagos’ Ilupeju neighborhood. Tope Alabi returned to the theatrical art profession in 1994, joining the acclaimed “Alade Aromire Theatre company” after a variety of work experiences. She was able to recognize herself as a gifted and brilliant actress and vocalist when she was there.

Tope Alabi was exposed to all of the core areas of drama and acting in the group, which was both a training ground and an eye-opener for her. She became involved in several cinema productions, as well as stage play and the creation of soundtracks.

She will be eternally grateful for the opportunity.
Tope Alabi’s captivating gospel tunes have remained relevant for more than a millennium. She is regarded as one of Nigeria’s gospel music masterminds.

Her musical versatility is noteworthy, as she can seamlessly merge modern and classic beats.

Tope Alabi Biography

She has a long list of records to her credit. Her first album, “Ore ti O Common,” was released in 2001. “Agbara Re Ni,” her fourth album, was released four years later. God frequently sends her inspiration for new songs, therefore she always carries a pen and a jotter with her.

She claims that she prays before every stage performance and that she has never performed without it because she recognizes the importance of prayer in presenting high-quality, uplifting music to her audience.

Various writers, producers, and directors in the Yoruba film industry have asked her to write and perform soundtracks for their films.

It’s worth noting that Patricia Tope Alabi is the Yoruba Home Video Industry’s soundtrack leader.

Tope Alabi has a long and illustrious career in Nigerian gospel music. Her songs, which are mostly in Yoruba, are filled with praises and melodies to God. Her songs are incredibly motivating, and Yoruba locals as well as Nigerians of all tribes and religions like them.

Following her breakthrough in Nigerian gospel music, Nigerians on Twitter dubbed Tope Alabi the queen of Yoruba language on May 21, 2019.

Tope Alabi has served in a variety of churches, crusades, and initiatives. She has also ministered at House on the Rock Church’s The EXPERIENCE in Lagos. She is well-known and respected all across the world.

Tope Alabi Biography

Tope Alabi First Husband and Allegation

An online report alleged that Tope Alabi was formally married to one Mayegun Olaoye; claiming they had a daughter together. However, Ayomikun Alabi, Tope’s daughter said her only father is Soji Alabi – Tope Alabi’s Husband

Tope Alabi Marriage and Husband

For many years, Tope has been blissfully married to Soji Alabi. Soji was a studio engineer in Lagos in 1994 when he met Tope and got the chance to produce some movie soundtracks for her. The two couldn’t resist their feelings for one other, and four years later, in 1998, Soji proposed to Tope.

Soji and Tope have worked together in the past and claim to have never had a disagreement over commercial matters. We can conclude that the two have a greater grasp of both work and family life. Ayomikun and Deborah, the couple’s two children, are the result of their union.

Tope Alabi Net worth

Tope Alabi has a successful career as a singer and is worth $500,000 dollars.

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