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Celebrate New Years Day In VR With VRChat At A Virtual Times Square




You can jump into VRChat right now for a digital New Years celebration across the globe. The New Years Eve party is live right now in both the PC version and Quest version of VRChat complete with musical performances, a ball drop, and fireworks.

You can watch the party happening live on Twitch as well for a preview if you’d like courtesy of VirtualBass, or join in for free on PC, PC VR, or Quest.

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Within the Virtual Times Square there are musical performances to enjoy, 16 different community storefronts you can actually enter, the Great Pug rooftop lounge is of course featured with an excellent view, and more.

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Earlier this week we awarded VRChat with the ‘Most Improved Social VR Platform’ designation specifically for things like this. Granted, VRChat hosted a similar party last year too, but this is just a single point across a year-long trend of helping people adapt to and accept life under pandemic lockdown restrictions.

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Virtual parties like this are never going to actually equate to the real thing, at least not in the near future, but it still does a great job of approximating social interaction within a shared physical space unlike anything else out there. It also helps that I can wear a Spongebob avatar if I want.

SOURCE: [UploadVR]

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