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There are reports that Osinachi Nwachukwu‘s husband was arrested following her tragic death, however the source has not yet been fully confirmed. Osinachi Nwachukwu was married to Peter Nwachukwu and the marriage was blessed with four children.

Also some friends of late gospel musician Osinachi Nwachukwu claim the “Ekwueme” singer died of domestic abuse rather than throat cancer, as previously stated by some online blogs.

The news of Osinachi’s death in an Abuja private hospital on Friday, April 8, sent shockwaves throughout Nigeria.

Friends say the victim died after her husband, Peter Nwachukwu, kicked her in the chest and put her on life support for five days before she died.

According to a series of Facebook posts and WhatsApp status updates, the musician had been a long-time victim of domestic violence.

According to one of her acquaintances, Amanda Chisom, a lifestyle blogger, accused her husband Peter of being a “control freak whose sole purpose is to maximize wealth from her voice.”

According to another close acquaintance, the victim’s spouse, who also functioned as her personal manager, was in charge of her phones, social media accounts, bank accounts, and payments for the singer’s wrongdoings.

Osinachi personally confided in a common acquaintance, revealing her experience and unwillingness to leave, according to gospel musician Gold Martins, who posted screenshots of people who knew Osinachi confirming the domestic abuse claim.

“If not for the religion and what people will think,” the singer told Gold, “I would have left this marriage.”

According to one of the singer’s acquaintances, the husband would tie her up and urge the kids to “beat her up with a cane.” This is what she told me.”

According to a friend, “he would lock her up in the house even on days when she had significant concerts and programs that she had already been paid for.”

“I had her on one of my shows, The INVASION, in 2019.” The phone call with the spouse had been a nightmare, and when she arrived, she revealed frightening marital concerns.

“She had to slip out of the house to honor the invitation.” The husband threatened me over the phone, saying that if the wife goes to the event, she will not return to his house.”

The Dunamis chorister and mother of four had previously fled an abusive marriage, but thanks to Pastor Paul Eneche, the founder and senior pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Center, she was able to reunite with her husband.

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