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Sit back and think for awhile. Just imagine you just gave the United States of America Information on how to capture the deadly boko haram leader Abubakar Shekau; you’ll definetley know you’ve hit it big as there is a 7 million dollar bounty on his head by President Donald J Trump up for grabs! For a starter, this amount translates to 2.5 billion naira and your life will definitely change as this amount of money is no joke. So once again, you’ve received the credit alert of 2.5 billion naira into your (lets say Access Bank account) You’re happy and joyful, but all of a sudden you begin to wonder what exactly you can get with this amount of unbelievable, glorious fortune. Factboyz.com is here to help you out figure what you could use that money to do, as we bring to you top things you could get with your bounty money! Don’t forget to visit Factboyz.com for more!

1. 1 Luxury House in Banana Island

Priced At 300 million naira: Sure! You do need a home to chill off and impress friends. A home befitting to your millionaire status. According to popular Nigerian vlogger TayoAina Films in one of his videos, he featured a luxurious, contemporary mansion in Banana Island that sells for $800,000. This could become yours! And the contemporary style in its architectural design could be befitting for your new status as a Nigerian Big boy or Big girl!

2. 1 Private Jet

According to Aircharter.co.uk, you could get a Cirrus Vision Jet for about $1.96 million. That’s not a bad choice at all as you can now stand tall amongst the private jet owners in Nigeria. You will be well respected and do expect you’ll be in the media always just like Regina Daniels, the “teenage actress”

3. 10 2021 Cadillac Escalade

You’re probably left with close to 5 million dollars and you just remembered you will need a couple of really expensive cars to move around with; o0f course youre very cautious knowing fully well that money doesn’t last forever, you decide to buy just 10 of these cars. Accroding to kbb.com, you could get these luxurious beasts for $75,000 for each one. Pretty impressive right? Considering it could just cost you about $750,000 dollars. Close to a million dollars though.

4. Pretty Much All The Land In Your Village

Every Nigerian identifies with a village where we call home. With $250,000 you can buy tens to hundreds of hectares of land in your village; (that’s if your village is not Onitsha where there is no more land) With this amount which literally is 93 million naira, you could buy a lot of land thanks to the unreserved fact that land in the village is relatively cheap!

5. Invest in Tourism (Build A World Class Zoo)

With $4 million dollars left, you’re extremely cautious and overtly careful. You do not want to blow all the money away and then BOOM! An idea pops into your mind. To build a World Class Zoo. You now want to redefine the Nigerian narrative of always hustling without creating time to spend with family and yea! You invest 2 million of your 4 million dollars in creating an environment for fun, entertainment and tours! With expert maintenance, and deals you signed with some foreign investors, the zoo which also has an aquarium; is raking in millions daily for you! Employing thousands too! You sit back and relax, smiling as your money is working for you.

6. Build Tens Of Block of Flats And Rent Them out

You’re making money from your massive zoo investment already but a friend suggested to you the massive cashing out going on in the real estate world and you decide to venture in! You map out $1.5 million for the building of block of flats in a chosen state of your choice where people could rent houses and pay you monthly or annually depending on the agreement. The joy is real as you gently nudge your friend for the business idea. With roughly 500,000 dollars remaining, you decide to relax, and donate to charity organizations and schools even as money from your investments pour in!
However, how safe are you if you make that kind of money exposing a top terrorist? Don’t you think others could suspect you and be on the lookout for you? Lets know what you will do with your bounty money if you were the one that leaked info about Shekau and got paid by the USA.

Thanks for reading. Visit Factboyz.com for more!!

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