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What My Husband Told Me Before His Death –Dare Adeboye’s Wife



Pastor Dare Adeboye’s wife, Temiloluwa Adeboye, said her late husband was not scared of death and that she believed he was in heaven.

According to Temiloluwa, her husband assured her before he died that if he died, he would know he had accomplished what the Lord had wanted him to do.

Temiloluwa spoke at the RCCG, House Of Favour, Redemption Camp’s Evening of Worship and Tribute on Monday.

“Pastor Dare, my husband was a great person,” she said. In any way, he was extraordinary. I don’t mourn him; I sob because he abandoned me. He did not die when he slept. And I know, I know, that he will rise again on the resurrection morning, and we will see him in glory.

“I’m certain that he was rescued. I am confident that because he believed in Christ, his redemption was assured.

“He said if I die today, I know I am completed, I have done what the Lord has wanted me to do, he was not afraid of death,” Tinubu said. He was unconcerned. It is not a question of how long he lived, but of how well he lived, and how well he lived to the glory of God. He was alive, and he was devoted to God. His entire life was devoted to Christ, which is why I am certain he is in heaven.

“I’m confident he did it. And I want to encourage you today, brethren, if you are unsure of your redemption. When you’re not sure if you’ll get up tomorrow whether you sleep tonight, you’re not sure when you’ll be in eternity. If you haven’t committed your life to Christ yet, and you’ve come to see what you’ve learned, True, he is sleeping in the Lord, but are you certain of yourself, and are you certain of where you will be? “Do you know where you’ll be?”

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