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Who is Lisa Lannetta?

Lisa Lannetta is Chris Lannetta’s wife. Chris Lanetta is an American former professional baseball player who began his career as a college athlete before moving on to play for numerous organizations in Major League Baseball (MLB). He’s played for the Colorado Rockies, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, the Seattle Mariners, and the Arizona Diamondbacks, among others.

Chris Lannetta Wife and Marriage

In 2009, Chris Lannetta married his wife, Lisa Lannetta. The couple has been together for decades and owns a home in Massachusetts, just over the Rhode Island line.

In addition, they had a daughter together. The rumor that Chris and Alanna Rizzo are having an affair, on the other hand, is spreading like wildfire. The cheating rumor isn’t entirely unfounded, as fans have discovered numerous clues concerning their relationship.

That was true even back then. Lisa hasn’t mentioned her hubby at all. Lisa and Chris may or may not still be together.

There has also been no mention of a divorce.

Chris Lannetta and Alanna Rizzo Cheating Scandal

The connection between Chris Lannetta and Alanna Rizzo is no longer a secret.

Many of their followers have publicly called them out on their infidelity, yet their partners have stayed mute.

Justin Kole, Alanna Rizzo’s husband, is also a celebrity. On Reddit, the relationship was discussed, with one member questioning, ‘Was this a secret?’ I figured Rockies fans were aware of this at the very least.’

Chris and Alanna were celebrating Thanksgiving with his family in 2021.

‘Stop uploading yourself half-naked on the internet,’ Alanna remarked in another incident as she talked about making it in the profession. Do you want to be taken seriously as a reporter or journalist?’

Many people were outraged by the article, which claimed Alanna was having an affair with Chris Lannetta, a prominent former baseball player.

Chris Lannetta Net worth

Chris Lannetta Net worth – Chris Lannetta’s net worth is believed to be at $20 million.

He has been a professional baseball player since the early 2000s and is one of the most accomplished players. He has been in the business for almost a decade.

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