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Pastor Mike Todd has recently gained a reputation as a troll and a source of controversy on social media. He rubbed his spit on the face of a devoted individual during a sermon.

Pastor Michael has been the head pastor of Transformation Church in Tulsa, together with his wife, since February 2015.

They were entrusted by Gary McIntosh, the founding pastor, after 15 years of operation.

Mike Todd’s Wife: Who Is She? Pastor Natalie Todd

Mike Todd and his fellow preacher wife, Natalie Todd, will celebrate their 12th wedding anniversary in 2022.

On June 19, 2020, Mike and Natalie renewed their wedding vows in a live-stream ceremony on YouTube. This was done to mark their tenth anniversary.

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Michael Todd (@iammiketodd) shared a post.

Pastor Todd and his wife are the lead pastors of Tulsa, Oklahoma’s Transformation Church, a megachurch.

They’ve made a name for themselves as love and marriage specialists. They both have a sizable social media following on their respective Instagram pages.

Pastor Mike Todd Children

Pastor Natalie and Pastor Mike have four wonderful children. Isabella, Michael Jr., Ava, and Gia, the couple’s four children, live in Tulsa.

They welcomed their fourth child on June 3, 2021, at 12:36 p.m. Gia Joy Symone Hope Todd is the Todd family’s newest member.

Transformation Church Pastor Spit Rub On Church Goers

On Reddit, Pastor Mike Todd of Transformation Church does some spitting.

Pastor Mike’s service was live-streamed for those who couldn’t come in person on Sunday. Many spectators were disgusted by his heinous behavior.

Pastor Mike splattered his spit all over a churchgoer’s face. His crowd reacted angrily to what he said.

The strange thing is that the individual whose face was stroked by Pastor Mike’s spit remained completely motionless.

Many individuals were concerned about Pastor Mike’s behavior as the crisis worsened. Cases of COVID-19 are increasing at an exponential rate all over the world. The spit rubbing video can be found on Reddit and other websites.

On Twitter, the video is currently the most popular topic.

What is the net worth of Pastor Mike?

Pastor Mike’s net worth was assessed to be $5 million as of previous year (2021). His current net worth is unknown as of 2022.

Michael has amassed a substantial wealth through a variety of means, yet he wants to live a modest life.

He earns money by selling his own books. Todd is a New York Times bestselling novelist who has written over five books.

“Crazy Faith,” his most recent book, is doing well both online and in print.

Pastor Mike Todd Family and Background

On November 16, 1986, Pastor Mike Todd was welcomed by his father and mother. In Tusla, Oklahoma, he grew up with two brothers in his family.

Grabriel Todd and Brenton Todd are his brothers’ names.

Tommy Ray Todd is his father’s name. His mother’s identity has remained a mystery.

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