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Natalee Tubman: Who Is She? The mayor, Andrew Bradshaw, is allegedly sending inappropriate pictures of his ex-girlfriend. What political party does he belong to?

The youngest-ever mayor of Cambridge is Andrew Bradshaw, 32. He was appointed to the position in January 2021.

At Pennsylvania State University, Bradshaw majored in Political Science, History, and Law and Society.

While still a student, he was a government and university administration correspondent for the Daily Collegian. He is also a Maryland Public Service Scholar, among other things.

Previously, he served as an intern in Governor Larry Hogan’s legislative office.

On the other hand, the young mayor might find himself behind bars.

Natalee Tubman: Who Is She? Wife of Andrew Bradshaw

Andrew Bradshaw’s current girlfriend, Natalee Tubman, works as a social worker and enjoys dogs.

She has been dating Bradshaw since April 6, 2019 according to her Facebook bio.

We assume that because she frequently shares posts about various fundraising events, she is affiliated with a number of social service organizations.

Additionally, Bradshaw frequently posts pictures of himself and Tubman on his social media platforms. Their close friends described them as the “perfect couple” in the comments section.

Contrarily, Tubman has kept quiet regarding Bradshaw’s p*** lawsuit against his ex-partner. It’s unknown if she knew about his involvement prior to the incident, though it seems unlikely.

The couple is not yet wed and is not yet legally married.

Andrew Bradshaw—Is he in jail?

The revenge p**n case led to the arrest of political party leader Andrew Bradshaw.

The Cambridge mayor is alleged to have traded n*** and pornographic pictures of his ex-girlfriend on Reddit between April 3 and May 20.

The woman in question discovered the pictures on May 14 and complained about him. The victim claims that Bradshaw was the only person with access to the pictures.

When they were dating, she gave him access to those pictures, but she never gave him permission to share them online.

On November 16, Bradshaw was released without posting bail. He is charged with 50 counts of spreading retaliation p**n.

If found guilty, Andrew could receive a sentence of up to 100 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

When it comes to politics, Andrew Bradshaw is a Republican.

He is Massachusetts’s first Republican mayor of Cambridge.

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