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Nene Balenciaga is currently thought to be in custody, although there has been no official confirmation of the arrest. To understand more, read the article all the way through.

Nene Balenciaga is a well-known adult entertainment content creator and social media personality. She currently has a large fan base on TikTok and her Onlyfans account.

On her TikTok account, about 30k people follow the social media sensation, and her material has gotten more than 200k likes. She’s also on Reddit, however due to the nature of her work, it’s rated NSFW.

Is Nene Balenciaga being held in custody?

Nene Balenciaga is now believed to be in custody.

However, because the authorities have not yet published anything, there is no formal confirmation of the arrest available on the internet.

The story of Nene’s arrest could be nothing more than a rumor made by fans or people on the internet, or it could be true, but it will take time to surface.

There is nothing much available on the internet unless Nene confirms the news or the authorities provide some evidence of her arrest, as none of the trusted news outlets have reported the story.

Nene Balenciaga Career

Nene Balenciaga is a social media celebrity and an Onlyfans model.

Her TikTok account has over 29k followers, and her material has been liked over 212k times as of today.

However, little about her personal life has been revealed. In reality, it’s still unknown if she goes by the moniker Nene or not.

Balenciaga’s wiki and bio are not yet available on Wikipedia, but we have attempted to cover as much as possible in this article for our readers and viewers.

How old is Nene Balenciaga?

According to her photos, Nene Balenciaga is between the ages of 20 and 25.

Her exact age, however, is unknown to the general public at this time. She has also remained tight-lipped about her true birthday.

Her zodiac sign is also unavailable due to a lack of knowledge regarding her true date of birth, making personality predictions based on her zodiac sign impossible at this time.

She does, however, have a Twitter account, and her Twitter bio indicates that she uses Instagram under the handle @nene.balenciaga.

However, the aforementioned account does not exist on Instagram, and it is possible that her account has been blocked by the social media platform as of the publication of this article.

She also has a large following on TikTok.

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