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Paloma Faith’s first husband was Rian Haynes, an English singer, songwriter, and actor.

In 2005, Paloma Faith married Rian Haynes, a chef from New Zealand.

The marriage, however, was short-lived, since they divorced after only eight months together.

In 2009, Rian Haynes and Paloma Faith ultimately divorced.

Paloma Faith later commented on the marriage, saying,

“It was just a silly, young thing.” We were in our early twenties when we made a hasty decision that turned out to be a disaster. But we’re still on the verge of making it. He and I are still buddies. All of my prior relationships had messed me up, but not that one!”

However, Rian Haynes told The Daily Mail in his first interview about the relationship that he feels Paloma Faith left him to focus on her career, and that her decision left him heartbroken.

Rian Haynes expressed his thoughts as follows:

“I didn’t try to persuade her to change her mind.” I guess I saw it coming even though we hadn’t discussed it. She’d been distant, as if she was preoccupied with something other than me and our marriage,”

“I was shattered.”

Rian Haynes also confessed that getting over his divorce from Paloma Faith took him years.

Rian Haynes and Paloma Faith married in 2005 but divorced less than a year later.

A New Zealand chef has spoken out about his failed marriage to Paloma Faith, describing their breakup as “heartbreaking”

Rian Haynes, 40, of Timaru, married the 34-year-old chart-topping singer and judge on The Voice in the United Kingdom in 2005.

She dumped Haynes while he was taking a bath less than a year later.

Faith has described the marriage as “quite insignificant to me because I was really young” in interviews.

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