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Who is Shokrollah Jebeli? Wiki, Age, Wife, Children, Cause of Death

Shokrollah Jebeli is an Australian-Iranian citizen who was imprisoned in Iran’s Evin prison for several years. Prior to his death, Shokrollah Jebeli’s health was deteriorating, and the prison in which he served was well-known.

Shokrollah Jebeli died at the age of 83 after being imprisoned in January 2020 over a financial dispute. According to reports, certain Iranian officials purposefully put Shokrollah Jebeli in a poor situation, causing his health to deteriorate.

Shokrollah Jebeli was tortured and refused proper expert medical care, according to Amnesty International findings, despite having major health problems and difficulties.

Mr Jebeli’s family, according to Ms White, has not seen any proof to back up the allegations against him.

She claimed that Amnesty International had advocated for his release due to his deteriorating health and the deplorable conditions in which he was being held.

Shokrollah Jebeli Illness in Prison

Mr Jebeli had enlarged kidney stones, a history of strokes, sciatica in his legs, high blood pressure, and an umbilical hernia, according to Amnesty International.

They also claimed he had a stroke in prison in 2021.

Shokrollah Jebeli Cause of Death

Mr Jebeli’s cause of death is unknown, but his son told the ABC last year that he was “very concerned” that his father might die in prison.

Amnesty International expressed worry for Shokrollah Jebeli’s well-being, and his family sought his release as his health deteriorated. Amnesty International went on to say that Shokrollah Jebeli’s fair trial rights were breached, making his incarceration arbitrary, and that his fair trial rights were also infringed.

In May of last year, the UN’s Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights discussed his issue with Iranian authorities. Officials from the United Nations demanded explanations about Jebeli’s lack of access to medicine, his imprisonment in inhumane conditions, and his lack of knowledge about the results of medical testing.

He was involved in two separate legal battles about the same financial matter. For one, he had received a four-year and six-month term, while the other was still pending.

The disagreement is said to be linked to a land sale involving a guy who claimed to be from the Ministry of Intelligence, raising worries that Jebeli’s legal pursuit is politically motivated. He has categorically denied any misconduct.

Last year, Jebeli informed Australian journalists over the phone that the individual was responsible for his arrest. “This gentleman, he punished me,” he explained. “That individual… is a horrible individual.” “I am blameless.”

According to Amnesty International, Jebeli was not permitted to choose his own lawyer for the case, and the authorities failed to look at evidence presented by the businessman that may have cleared him. Last year, the family classified the situation as a “mystery.”

They claimed Jebeli wished to be buried near his family in Australia, but that repatriating his remains would cost at least $7,500.

Mr Jebeli, who came to Australia from Iran in 1976 and returned three decades later, was one of a handful of people imprisoned who had ties to the country.

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