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Silver Tree, 45, was the executive producer of the television show Suits, where she met then-actress Meghan Markle. Silver appears to defend her friend, the Duchess of Sussex, in the new Netflix documentary Harry & Meghan.

Silver Tree has worked on several TV series, including Dead to Me, Suits, Shameless, and Netflix’s popular thriller series You. Her next project will be a remake of the 1987 thriller film Fatal Attraction.

The second volume of Netflix’s Harry & Meghan documentary series was recently released, allowing the Duke and Duchess to share their story and explore their six-year relationship. The first three episodes of the series were released on the streaming platform on Thursday, December 15.

Silver, who was born in California, is a well-known name among Hollywood’s high-flying producers. Her appearance in the Netflix docu-series, however, will instantly identify her as Meghan’s close confidante.

Silver is one of the couple’s few close friends who spoke about her friendship with Meghan on the show. Silver was present at Meghan and Harry’s wedding.

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