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Who is Sylvester Oromoni? Biography, Age, What Happened, Death, Dowen College



Who is Sylvester Oromoni?

Who is Sylvester Oromoni? – Sylvester Oromoni (2009 – 2021) was a Nigerian student who studied at Dowen college – a high school located in Lekki Lagos. He was reportedly molested, bullied and beaten by some students in the school before he was rushed to the hospital where he died.

NameSylvester Oromoni
Date of Birth2009
Age12 years (deceased)
Date of DeathDecember 2021
SchoolDowen College Lekki Lagos
ParentsMr and Mrs Oromoni

What Happened To Sylvester Oromoni? What Killed Him?

Sylvester Oromoni was a junior student at Dowen High school in Lekki Lagos. His story begins after he was bullied by his fellow students. The students in question allegedly wanted him to join a cult group in school to which he vehemently resisted and for that, they pounced on him. This was revealed by his nephew who took to Twitter to narrate the whole incident.

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For the next 24 hours, the case’s specifics would be buried in mystery. His nephew, Perry Oromoni, rushed to Twitter to offer his story of what happened, implying that the dead was attacked for fiercely refusing to join what he described as the secondary school’s “cult group,” which was dominated by older lads at the Lekki institution.

Dowen College Response To The Allegations

Dowen College Response To The Allegations – Dowen College responded with a statement debunking the charges and providing its own account of the events that claimed Junior’s life. On November 21, one of the school’s hostel workers alerted the administration that Junior had been hurt while playing football with his classmates, according to the report. He was given first aid by a resident nurse and returned to his accommodation after expressing relief, according to the school. Junior began complaining of hip pain the next day, according to the report.

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The youngster was seen by a doctor at Dowen College’s sickbay a second time, according to the school. The doctor then called Junior’s mother to advise her of the situation and recommended that he be picked up, according to the report. After an initial delay, the student’s mother sent a guardian, who took him for an x-ray, according to the report. It disputed that the boy had been beaten and refuted the claim that a covert organisation claiming to be a cult existed.

The school in a statement said,

“Preliminary investigation showed that there was no fighting, bullying, or any form of attack on the boy. He made no such reports, neither to his sister who is also a student, nor any other students, prefects, house parents, medical staff, or any of the management staff. The school has 2 regular nurses and a qualified medical doctor that promptly attends to students. [We] will not tolerate any acts of cultism which is why there is nothing like that,”

Dowen College has been shut down for 2 days following the backlash it has received over the past 1 day.

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Dowen College has requested that students stay at home today, December 3, and Monday, December 6.

After then, school will restart so that students can write their exams the following week.

Sylvester Oromoni Death/What Killed Him

Sylvester Oromoni Death – A video of Sylvester Oromoni fighting for his life in the hospital with scars in his mouth and broken bones after confessing that the bully students gave him something to drink and tormented him has revealed that the little kid was not killed by a football accident, as the school’s principal claimed.

This video was given by Sylvester’s uncle, who described his feelings in a heartfelt way.

In his words, he said:

“This was the state of Sylvester junior before he died. He couldn’t raise a leg or an arm. Will a boy in this state lie about what happened to him???? Dowen college should tell us what happened to my cousin. He kept complaining about his throat and stomach. Said he was given something to drink. God help us.”

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