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Police say four people were murdered in a shooting at a medical center in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on Wednesday, the latest in a string of deadly gun violence around the country.

Authorities say a gunman opened fire on the St. Francis Health System campus on Wednesday afternoon, shooting multiple individuals with at least two firearms. Tulsa Police Department Deputy Chief Eric Dalgleish said authorities responded to a call after dispatchers received the information and made contact with the gunman.

Dalgleish verified the number of fatalities at a press conference, adding that the shooter was also dead, allegedly from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

What happened at the Tulsa Medical Center attack?

Officers spotted the gunman and many victims on the second level of the Natalie Building of the St. Francis Health System, about eight miles southeast of downtown Tulsa, according to Dalgleish.

An outpatient surgery clinic and a breast health center are located in the Natalie Building. According to Dalgleish, the second story also houses an orthopedic clinic.

Who is The Tulsa Medical Center Shooter?

Authorities have not revealed the name of the Tulsa Medical Center shooter. Police say four people were murdered in a shooting at a medical center in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

During the incident on Wednesday, the whole hospital campus was locked down.

Aside from the alleged gunman, at least four individuals were murdered and several others were injured in the shooting, according to authorities. The medical facility was described as a “catastrophic scene” by authorities, who have not published the identity of the victims or a suspected motive.

According to The New York Times, Tulsa Police Capt. Richard Meulenberg remarked, “It wasn’t random.” “This wasn’t some random person who chose to go pick a hospital full with random patients.” He made a conscious decision to come here, and his acts were also conscious.”

The attacker possessed a rifle or “long gun” and a handgun, according to Dalgleish, and both weapons looked to have been discharged at the scene.

Dispatchers first received a complaint of an active shooter at the Natalie Medical Building on the St. Francis Health System campus at 4:52 p.m., police said during a news conference Wednesday.

Officers arrived at the scene four minutes later, according to authorities. After hearing gunshots on the second floor of the building, officers established contact with the victims and the shooting suspect around 5:01 p.m., according to authorities.

“I was quite pleased with what we know so far about our officers’ response,” Dalgleish added.

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