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Who is Tiffany McHugh?

She is the program director of a preschool in El Cajon, San Diego, according to many accounts. According to reports, the institution has been open for six years and currently has over 100 students enrolled. Following a parent’s complaint, the DSS visited the school often in September 2021, according to McHugh.

“For the next two months, we worked with licensing practically weekly and tried to improve,” she said, adding, “we are up against a lot of parents who don’t want their children to be masked.” The DSS responded by stating that it was obliged to close the preschool because McHugh “failed to guarantee that all personnel wore a mask” and “failed to persuade youngsters two years old and older to wear a mask.”

The decision sparked widespread outrage in the community, which culminated in a protest outside the school on January 14, 2022. Angry parents were joined by Republican State Senator Brian Jones and Mayor Bill Wells of the city. There appeared to be widespread outrage over McHugh’s lifetime ban, which the DSS claimed was imposed because she “prevented licensing from assessing the facility.” McHugh received a lot of support not just at the rally, but also online.

Tiffany McHugh gets help from her friends on social media.
One person reacted to the news by asking, “What the hell is wrong with California?” Another person said on Twitter, “I hope this teacher relocates to another state. The Democrats are a terrible, devilish party.” “Where can I give to help that school owner go to another state and create a new school?” one individual asked. Another person echoed this sentiment, saying, “Is there a GoFundMe page set up for this lady? I’d like to lend my support.” “I hope she sues!” said one person.

McHugh defended the school, claiming that the students “were simply too young to wear masks, and they were able to yank them off.” It’s not done yet, as McHugh has filed an appeal and has been scheduled for a hearing on February 11. Newsom has yet to comment on the topic, but he is facing widespread criticism for pushing such harsh restrictions on little infants, who, while not being eligible for immunizations, have extremely low rates of Covid-19 mortality. After students as young as two were spotted without face masks, a San Diego preschool was closed and director Tiffany McHugh was prohibited.

California shut down a preschool and barred its director after she “failed to encourage” masks in the class, sparking outrage on social media. According to reports, the Foothills Christian Church Preschool was closed down by the California Department of Social Services (DSS) on December 10, 2021, for violating the state’s mask rule. Tiffany McHugh, the school’s director, was also forbidden from working with children in the future.

As the pandemic enters its third year, California remains one of the tightest states when it comes to mask and vaccine mandates, which has been widely praised up to this point. It has also resulted in certain complications, such as the expulsion of two brothers from a school for not wearing masks, which has sparked significant outrage and condemnation. Others, such as the city of Oroville, which declared itself a constitutional republic in November 2021, have pushed back against the harsh restrictions.

Nonetheless, Governor Gavin Newsom is devoted to masks and vaccines, despite the fact that they are manifestly difficult to implement. The instance of Foothills preschool is a wonderful illustration. Parents are protesting the closure, but McHugh has also filed an appeal against the suspension, which has garnered popular support online.

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