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Who Killed Lil Devin? Indiana Rapper Shot

On New Year’s Eve, Lil Devin, whose true name is Devin Swain, was brutally murdered at his family’s house. When three males broke into his home, the 24-year-old hip-hop musician was apparently having a NYE celebration with his family. When officers arrived at his home, they discovered Swain’s body, which had “injuries to his chest.”

In the final month of 2021, a rising number of young rappers were killed, with Lil Devin’s terrible demise closing the year on a tragic note. Drakeo the Ruler was stabbed to death in a backstage scuffle after a concert in Los Angeles on December 18. ARoy, a member of The Family, was shot and killed in Chicago just days before, and the incident was caught on camera.

Devin Swain, alias Lil Devin, was brought to a hospital in Anderson, where he was pronounced dead, according to local media. Swain’s family informed Fox59 that several masked individuals barged into their home and assaulted him, leading to his death.

“It was a horrific experience that I would never want anyone to have to go through. That is not something I would wish on anyone’s family “Donald Cox, his brother, also said. He went on to say, “It’s difficult because we never expected something like this to happen to such a remarkable individual. He was one of those folks who had faith in me before I had faith in myself.”

Swain was fatally injured when police arrived at his residence after responding to a report of a home invasion robbery. An inquiry is currently underway to determine the identities of his assailants. More information regarding the murder is expected to be released early next week, according to police officials. Anyone with information about Devin Swain’s death is requested to contact the police at 765-648-6676, according to authorities.

Meanwhile, Lil Devin’s fans and friends mourned his death. Rashawn Samuels, a 14-year-old who looked up to Swain as a coach, said, “He was a kind person who believed in all children remaining in school, doing well, and listening to their parents. He was a decent, respectful, and loving individual. He wasn’t deserving of it. He was a nice guy.”

Lil Devin came to Instagram just hours before his untimely death to wish everyone a happy new year. “Everyone who messed up was looking for a way to go back to me, because I was real. Wishing everyone a prosperous 2022, “In his final Instagram post, he wrote.

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