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Who Should I Marry? By Nnaji Gloria Ebere



In my few years of counseling as a Relationship Coach, this has been one of the most constant question on the lips of our dear young ladies who are prepared and well ready to start up a family.


These ladies have soaked themselves in the place of prayers. They have spoken in diverse tongues and engaged in dry fasting but has blocked their hearts to hear what the Lord has said concerning the kind of man they should entangle themselves with.


Like I always say, the fault is not entirely yours. No one is bad. We can’t change our BODY but we can always work effortlessly to change our mindset. Our body remains our body but our minds renews with the things you feed them on everyday.


Some usually feel I am that rich because I soak myself mostly on YouTube learning and watching. This is not about being rich. The system has made us looked and seemed bad but it is that hungry and persistent person that can have his/her mind fed with fresh bread and new mind that wins this race.


Bible speaking, it said, “Let the mind which you have in Christ Jesus be renewed” (Paraphrased). It means you once had a mind which may not be good for Christ-like but now, we urge you by the inscriptions of the Holy Spirit that you have a REnewed mind.


Therefore, while choosing a life partner, there are things you need to consider, EVEN IF you are a holy ghost filled sister, once this mistake is done, it can ruin your entire generation except the Lord intervenes.


As usual, you may choose to disagree but let brotherly love continue!  Amen?



The worst mistake you can make in life as a single lady is marrying someone whose salvation is questioned. I don’t mean a pastor. Everyone cannot be a pastor. This is a costly mistake.

A man can be a born again but does not fear God.
A man may have faith in God but does not fear God.

Save your children unborn the stress of crying endlessly because the dad chases the mom with a knife at home or they are scared of the next thing to happen!

In Fearing God:
👉 He must have reverence to God. I mean respect!
👉 He must submit to the ways of God as the final authority in all matters. Not some matters!



Listen, anytime you see me misbehave, you have three men from God to report me to. For some reasons, I won’t mention their names here. I submit to their corrections, love, mentorship, fatherly figure examples and many more.

A man who doesn’t have an umbrella over him will cry heavily during rainy days! Don’t invite that ant into your home.

How will you know?
👉 Any time you ask him to meet your mentor, he comes up with excuses because he has a cockroach in his pocket.
👉 He will always complain how attached you are to your mentor.
👉 He would always want to counter whatever truth your mentor said.

Note: Yes, we have some mentors who are not real. Your instinct should know.

Note: I didn’t say love.

A man may love you but won’t have passion for you and what you do.

It takes a man with the spirit of God to truly and sincerely accept you and grow the passion of committing himself to you for growth and in all areas.

Imagine you are the first daughter and you have siblings to assist financially, a man who loves you may give you excuses but a man who is passionate about how you feel will not run away.

Passion is the adjective that qualifies the extent of love from the man to you. A man with no passion has the tendencies of been unfaithful. That is why you will still hear, “I love my wife but I cheated on her”. Yes, he loves you but is not passionate about how you feel. See the difference.

A man without passion is subjected to many options. Don’t forget this.


🔥 NEVER MARRY A MAN WHO IS IRRESPONSIBLE. It is not about helping in finance. It is more than that.

A responsible man is that person who takes cognizance of the cost of life. He is aware about the dimensions of life and is not afraid to take it and face it!

How do I know?
👉 An irresponsible man will say, “they have not done it”

👉 A responsible man will say, “how can we do it?”

👉 If you cross this line of wanting to do from always complaining about how, then, you can be counted responsible.

👉 A responsible man is an initiator and not a recipient.

Ladies, you should be careful with men that always push you to the war front and takes cover all in the bid of “becoming the man in authority”

A man in authority is one who has submitted to the will and teachings of the Father and is able to lead while you follow.

He shows an example.

Now that you know, will you still make mistake in marrying that guy that sags with G-Wagon?

Will you subject your head to that man without a father figure?

Will you submit to that man who is yet to take up the cross of his life and is asking you for the keys to your heart?

The choice is yours to make!

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