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When it comes to golf, and especially The Masters, color is extremely important. The pink flowers that litter the grounds, as well as the white jumpsuits that the caddies wear on the course, show that everyone is playing for the honor of the green jacket.

But it’s a color we’ve only recently accepted. Do you have any idea why they’re all dressed in white?

Yes, we do.

To begin with, they haven’t always dressed in white. Caddies wore the same outfits as spectators when the Masters initially began in the 1930s. According to the Masters, the major’s co-Founder Cliff Roberts issued a letter in 1940, but it didn’t catch on until the late 1940s.

The now-famous white jumpsuits first appeared on caddies during Masters play in the late 1940s, according to the website. “The early white caddy jumpsuits were constructed of a thick coverall-like cloth. The pure white jumpsuits cut a conspicuous figure on the golf course, but they were normally worn by painters or for occupations in clean settings. The white jumpsuit with the green hat stood out as a subtle yet professional contrast to the traditional caddie’s attire.”

Whatever the reason, it’s a lovely, clean design that appears to be here to stay‚Ķ at least until the next letter.

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