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Why Was Dougie B Arrested?

Why Was Dougie B Arrested? – Dougie B has been detained in connection with the shooting that occurred on Thursday across the street from Bronx Supreme Court.

Just before 1 p.m., court officers and a press reporter heard a gunshot near the E. 161st St. parking lot.

While the exact motive for the shooting is unknown at this time, according to the reporter, the shooting occurred after a group of guys began arguing in the parking lot.

When one group began chasing the other, a man in a black dress pulled out a revolver and fired.

Court officers rushed to the area and arrested a number of people, including rapper Dougie B.

Dougie B had an unrelated court appearance scheduled for 2:15 p.m. in Bronx Supreme Court.

The charges that ‘Kill Em With Kindness’ rapper Dougie B will face have yet to be announced by the authorities, despite the fact that he has been taken into jail.

Dougie B, a drill rapper, was detained in the middle of the street in the Bronx after a bullet was fired. The 25-year-old rapper was one of four guys arrested in connection with a shooting in the Bronx.

Fans soon identified the emerging talent when a video of the arrest of many individuals revealed the identify of the rapper known for his song “Brotherly Love.”

Who is Dougie B’s Girlfriend?

Who is Dougie B’s Girlfriend? – Dougie B’s girlfriend is known by the name Asian Doll. Meanwhile, Dougie B’s real name is Arion Howard.

On January 13, Asian Doll, 25, was speculated to be dating Dougie B after the Bronx rapper tweeted a series of photos with Doll with his arm around her.

Although the artists had not confirmed the specifics, fans assumed they were a couple.

They were caught kissing on January 27, making their relationship official.

Before his death in 2020, Doll was in a relationship with rapper King Von.

Dougie B and Cardi B

Dougie B and Cardi B – Dougie B was arrested just hours after filming a music video with Grammy winner Cardi B.

They were shooting a music video in the Bronx, which also featured Kay Flock.

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