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Will Clash of Clans Be Shutting Down/Closing in 2022?



Will Clash of Clans Be Shutting Down/Closing in 2022?

Will Clash of Clans Be Shutting Down/Closing in 2022? – Fake web rumors have left mobile gaming lovers scratching their heads, claiming that the Clash of Clans game will be shut down in 2022.

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The battle game, which can be downloaded from the app store, has been available since 2012.

So, is Clash of Clans going to be shut down, and where did the rumor come from? We’re going through everything you need to know.

The free gaming app, which can be found in app shops for smartphones, is a popular’strategy war’ game that has been around for than a decade. However, rumors that the smartphone game Clash of Clans may be going down have arisen on social media, particularly on TikTok.

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Rest assured, the accusations of shutting down appear to be nothing more than rumors.

The game is still available on the App Store, and the Clash of Clans social media accounts haven’t indicated that it would be taken down in 2022. Supercell, a game development business, has similarly made no mention of a shutdown.

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With being said, Clash of Clans recently released a statement informing fans that the game’s support for operating systems older than iOS 11 and Android 5.0 would be ending soon.

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