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Yonggi Cho Biography

Yonggi Cho Biography – Yonggi Cho, sometimes known as Paul Yungi Cho, was a South Korean Christian minister who lived from 14 February 1936 until 14 September 2021. He cofounded the Yoido Full Gospel Church (Assemblies of God) with his mother-in-law Choi Ja-shil, the world’s largest congregation, with an estimated membership of 830,000. (as of 2007).

Yonggi Cho Biography
NameYonggi Cho
Date of Birth14 February 1936
Age85 years (2021)
NationalitySouth Korean
Date of Death14 September 2021
Church FoundedYoido Full Gospel Church
WifeKim Sung Hae (m. 1965–2021)
Cause of DeathStroke
ChildrenCho Hee-jun, Cho Min-je, Cho Seung-je
Former ReligionBuddhist
EducationHansei University, Kookmin University
Church Members1 million +

Yonggi Cho Early Life and Background

Cho was born in Ulju-gun, which is now part of the Ulsan metropolitan metropolis, on February 14, 1936. Yonggi Cho was the eldest of five brothers and four sisters born to Cho Doo-chun and Kim Bok-sun. Yonggi Cho Biography

Yonggi Cho Education

He received honors at the end of middle school. He couldn’t afford high school or university tuition since his father’s sock and glove business went bankrupt.

Yonggi Cho Biography

He then enrolled in a low-cost technical high school in order to study a trade. Simultaneously, he began visiting an American army installation near his school, where he befriended soldiers and learned English from them. He soon learned English and worked as an interpreter for both the commander of the army base and the principal of his school.

He obtained a scholarship to Full Gospel Bible College in Seoul in 1956 to study theology. He met Choi Ja-shil, who became his mother-in-law and a close ministerial associate, while he was there. In March of 1958, he received his diploma.

How Yonggi Cho Became Born Again Christian

Cho was raised as a Buddhist, but at the age of 17, he converted to Christianity after a lovely girl came to see him and told him about Jesus Christ, just before he was stricken with tuberculosis. Cho began working as an interpreter for American preacher Ken Tize after sensing God’s call to the ministry.

Yonggi Cho Biography

Yonggi Cho Church Career

Cho has spent more than 44 years preaching the value of cell group ministry and team ministry, which he believes are the keys to church growth.

Cho started Church Expansion International in November 1976, with the goal of teaching evangelism and church growth concepts to pastors all around the world. He was instrumental in the establishment of Elim Welfare Town, a center for the elderly, young, homeless, and unemployed, in January 1986.

The latter would be provided with training and a choice of four different vocations. He created Kukmin Ilbo, a newspaper firm, in 1988. Yonggi Cho Biography

He served as Chairman of the World Assemblies of God Fellowship from 1992 to 2000 and did not seek re-election, and since November 1998, he has served as Chairman of the Korean Christian Leaders Association. Since February 1999, he has also served as Chairman of the Good People charitable organization.

Cho stepped down as senior pastor in 2008, and Young Hoon Lee took his place.

Yonggi Cho Legacy

Yonggi Cho pastored the largest church in the world as hundreds of thousands attended his church service each Sunday. It is South Korea’s and the world’s largest Pentecostal Christian congregation, with over 480,000 members. The church was founded in 1958 by David Yonggi Cho and Choi Ja-shil, and is now led by Young Hoon Lee.

Yonggi Cho Death

Yonggi Cho Cause of Death – Yonggi Cho died of complications from a stroke on September 14, 2021, at the age of 85.

Is Yonggi Cho dead? – Pastor David Yonggi Cho died on September 14, 2021. He died from stroke complications. Aged 85.

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