Old Fascinating Photos of Nigeria That Will Make You Cry

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Nigeria is indeed a blessed country. Though currently marred by corruption and rampant tribalism, here are pictures taken in Nigeria from the 20s to the80s; showing the good old times. Most of these pictures were taken when Nigeria had a fairly good economy, with a low unemployment rate. Hence, these pictures might make you emotional as you see the orderliness shown in contrast to today’s Nigeria.

A teacher teaching about the human skeletons while students watch and listen

This image shows students celebrating their graduation

The diverse selection of photos taken by a high-ranking education inspector include one of a young football team from 1947.

Goods being offloaded from a plane

A Nigerian man stops maintenance works on a train to look at Edward Harland Duckworth’s camera

One photograph shows a group of young men bathing in the Kurama Waters

A settlement in Northern Nigeria

Picture showing a train about to leave in a very busy market.

Car belonging to an European parked in front of a building in Northern Nigeria

Donkeys carrying goods

This image shows a group of children dressed in costumes and masks and playing musical instruments while others watch on.

A man looks through what appears to be a camera or surveying equipment on a tripod.

This picture shows two men reading a book, one appearing to teach the other

A boy stands with a makeshift pick axe as a man makes something in front of him learning

Nigerian Airways when it was functional

Yoruba ladies in Aso Ebi

College of Medicine University of Lagos (CMUL) commenced in 1962 with 28 students

Lagos Island.

We had this orderliness in us back then

An advertisement poster

Kano groundnut pyramids

Dont lose hope yet. Together, we can make Nigeria great again

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