10 Pets That Look Just Like Their Owners(hilarious pics)

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By Jayna Taylor-Smith

This photographer captured just how much these dogs look like their owners. Or is it the owners who look like their dogs? Check out the hilarious photos and enjoy your day by getting surprised as well.


  • Deep in thought

Courtesy Gerrard Gethings

While you’re constantly wondering what your dog is up to when you leave the house, your dog is probably thinking about why you leave the house instead of playing with him at home! Thanks to animal photographer Gerrard Gethings, we see more surprising similarities between dogs and their owners.

  • Fluffy friend

Courtesy Gerrard Gethings

Save yourself some time and take your puppy to the same hair salon as you. Bonus: You can customize your hair to match your fluffy friend’s.

  • Puppy pigtails

Courtesy Gerrard Gethings

This is what happens when your hair inspo comes from your favorite four-legged friend. Don’t miss these 32 adorably funny photos of dogs and cats you’ll instantly love.

  • Growing together

Courtesy Gerrard Gethings

The best part about having a pet is having a companion to grow old with. Unlike people, they stick around for the good times and the bad.

  • Gone glam

Courtesy Gerrard Gethings

If you’re going to take photos to show how similar you and your dog look, you might as well break out the wind machine—they bring out the best in every human and dog. Getting styled like your dog is OK, but here are 53 mistakes that every dog owner makes.

  • Natural color

Courtesy Gerrard Gethings

While this Chow Chow boasts a natural orange hue, his owner went all out to dye her hair orange as well. All he needs is a matching beanie! Check out the photos of what dog breeds looked like 100 years ago.

  • Double take

Courtesy Gerrard Gethings

This side profile of a man and his Schnauzer show just how much of a difference a beard can make. Without the beard, he would be just another ordinary dog owner, but with it, you have to look twice to see who’s who.

  • Side-eye

Courtesy Gerrard Gethings

Mastering the identical sassy side-eye means no one is messing with you or your pup at the dog park. Here are the superpowers dogs have that prove they’re cooler than humans.

  • Just a boy and his dog

Courtesy Gerrard Gethings

Some people have embarrassing photos of themselves as little kids. This boy will have an awesome photo to show just how much he looked like his pet Schnoodle.

  • Twinning

Courtesy Gerrard Gethings

Even without the jacket, she would look just like her dog! Just as long as she doesn’t cut her hair off that is.

  • Who you looking at?

via amazon.com

What are the odds that you have two different eye colors and that your dog does too? This incredible duo is sure to get looks of amazement. For a memory matching game and more photos of pups and their owners, check out Gethings’ book, Do You Look Like Your Dog? Or, check out his Instagram page for other animal photography. Next, don’t miss 11 talented dogs that have broken world records.

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