10 Daring Insects With The Most Painful Stings/Bites

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No one wants to be bitten or stung by an insect as the pain can be very unbearable. However, we cannot rule out the fact that we are forever prone to insect bites and stings. Below is a list by factboyz with regards to 10 painful stings by insects you definitely do not want!

10. Honey Bee

Most of us would have come across this tiny insect in life. We all are aware of honey bee for two reasons, one for the honey and the other for its sting. Comparing with all the insects listed here, the honey bee can be cause comparatively lesser pain than others, but they too match up the pain index. The honey bees are known to have originated in South and Southeast Asia. The stings from them are known to cause potential skin irritation and damage. Once the sting is implanted on to the prey’s skin, the honey bee tends to subsequently dies due to loss abdomen.

9. Bald-faced Hornet

Bald-faced hornet is one of the most dangerous stings, also recognized as “white-faced hornet”, “blackjacket” and “bull wasp”. Residing majorly in the regions of United States and southern Canada, the hornet is known to be very aggressive by nature. Additionally, the white marking on the hornet’s face make it unique in terms of looks. The venom in them are known to cause irritation, however is known to not cause intense damage to the skin. Unlike other insect stings, the bald-faced hornets are known to spray venom against their intruders. They use these venom spray as defence mechanism, which particularly sprays on the intruder’s eyes. The sprayed venom into the eyes are known to cause temporary blindness and continuous eye watering.

8. Red Harvester Ants

Florida Harvester Ant

Red harvester ant is one such ant species listed in the top lists for most dangerous ants. Residing majorly in parts of Southwestern United States, the red ants are more often mistaken with any fire ants. The venom content in the red harvester ants can directly hit the lymphatic system of the victim to cause dangerous reactions. Additionally, the effects are more to be seen on people with greater prone to sensitivity and allergies.

7. Bulldog Ant

Bulldog Ant is a large ant known to cause painful stings of life. Also recognized as “jack jumper” and “bull ants”, they are generally aggressive by nature. Further, the stings by the bull ants are known to cause immense pain with no irritation. Distributed in the states of Australia, they are known to have incredible vision. Not most of the times, but the stings are known to be life-threatening due to potent venom sustained in them. There have been many records of human deaths due to the bulldog ant stings. The stings can be as much large to a size of 6 millimeters making it a concern if stung on humans.

6. Paper Wasp

Very famous for the nests they build, the paper wasps are one among most painful stings in the world. Also recognized as “umbrella wasps”, the paper wasps are known building their nests in a very peculiar form. Additionally, they are very aggressive by nature and can be dangerous if they are threatened. Further, most of the paper wasp species are bright in color, which indicate that they are more venomous than usual. A single sting from them can be hammering and cause fatal symptoms in some individuals.

5. Yak-Killer Hornet

Also recognized as the “Asian giant hornet”, the yak-killer hornet is comparatively like that of the Japanese giant hornet. As they fall under the same subspecies of the Japanese giant hornet, the stings sustained by them are very painful and dangerous. The yak-killer hornets reside majorly in tropical and temperate regions of Eastern Asia They consist of 6mm long stinger, which harms the human skin intensively. A person stung more than 10 times would require emergency medical assistance. Finally, to be very curious on how dangerous the stings are, there have been 35 kills accounted till date.

4. Spider Wasp

Also recognized as “tarantula hawk”, the insect is one of the deadliest insects to cause pain just with a single sting. The spider wasps are found in most places across the globe. While most of the pain caused by insects are calculated based on the Schmidt pain index, the spider wasp is rated at 4. The rating at 4 means that the pain is relatively too much. The stings of spider wasps are considered very painful that are as much comparable to that of an electric shock.

3. Japanese Giant Hornet

Giant Japanese Hornet

Japanese giant hornet is a dangerous insect, whose sting is as much comparable to that of the bullet ant and the executioner wasp. Beautiful in terms of looks, the hornet is also recognized as “great sparrow bee”. Japanese hornets are very aggressive by nature if provoked. The stinger is at a length of 6.23 mm in length. Further, this long stinger consists of venom that directly affects the nervous system and produces intense damage to tissue. Additionally, the pain can be unbearable, which would need hospitalization. Finally, every year about forty people die in Japan just being stung by wasps.

2. Bullet Ant

Bullet Ant

Perfectly named as “Bullet Ant”. Can you just image if an antbite is as much powerful as that of a gunshot! Bullet ant is one such antspecies that can produce the effect same as that of being shot by a gun on thebody. Next time when you ever unfortunately get bitten by them, then don’twrongly imagine of yourself being shot by a gun. Residing majorly in rainforestof Nicaragua, the east of Honduras and south Paraguay.

Additionally, the sting is known to produce burning sensation in terms of waves with stagnant pain for over 24 hours. The venom injected by them basically causes damage to the central nervous system and blocks to the synaptic transmission. Locals call the ant as “formiga cabo verde”, which means “the one wounding deeply” in Portuguese.

1. Executioner Wasp

While there is always a dispute between the executioner waspand the bullet ant, the executioner wasp wins the race. Also recognized as“Polistes carnifex”, this insect sting is considered the most painful out ofall the insects discovered till date. The executioner wasps reside majorly inCentral and South America. The sting was much highlighting when it was hit on aYouTube personality, Coyote Peterson. Through his career, he was involved indeliberate exposures to numerous stings.

Further, he had once conveyed the message that the sting of an executioner wasp is way powerful and painful than the Bullet Ant and the Japanese Giant Hornet. Additionally, the sting can cause potential damage to tissue by ingested venom that may result in swollen arms and punch hole mark at the site. The pain can even sustain for many days.


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