Top 10 Most Dangerous Roads (Photos)

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Any roads on earth constructed by human civilization is not made with an intention to be dangerous, rather the situation makes to do so. We everyday get to see some or the other information about road accidents, however, the risk of us getting killed would be drastically high if we are ready to choose one among the 10 listed below. Majority listed below contributes the risk factor in terms of natural calamities like high wind, landslide, slippery due to rain, and storm. Positively to experience the deadliest roads in the world could be found below.


10. Nanga Parbat Pass (Pakistan)

Nanga Parbat Pass

Driving on Nanga Parbat Pass can be at great risk of killing oneself due to its extreme altitude. Nanga Parbat, meaning “Naked Mountain” in Hindi, is located in Pakistan, which is accounted as the ninth highest mountain in the world. The road connects Raikot Bridge to the village of Tato and is also a Karakoram Highway mentioned below. The road is very slippery even during dry season, and can lead to death with minor mistake while driving. Motorists can experience weird ride along the road that can produce a perfect mud racing competition. However, the road is highly not recommended for two wheelers due to its extreme path. Apart from these dangerous roads, the experience can be wonderful with the best nature wanderlust.

9. Rohtang Pass (India)

Rohtang Pass

Rohtang Pass is a 51 km long track located in Himachal Pradesh that connects Kullu Valley and Spiti Valley. Rohtang in Hindi symbolizes “Pile of Corpse”, as the villagers face the difficulties in passing the road due to extreme weather conditions. The region comes under the territory of Indian Military and hence the road had to be open for the entire year. However, this was highly impossible for the commuters due to insane weather condition, where the Government constructed Rohtang Tunnel for easy communication between the points. The Rohtang Pass is kept closed almost half of the year due to landslides, low visibility, rain, and storm. When the roads get opened, the crew members face high difficulties in finding the road and as an alternate; they use GPS to tract the route.

8. Canning Stock Route (Austrialia)

Canning Stock Route

Canning Stock Route is one of the loneliest and deadliest roads in the world, which is at a stretch of 1900-km. The tract connects between Halls Creek and Wiluna of Western Australia and the road is completely not maintained that resembles purely a mud road. The journey can take up to 3 weeks and any kind of resources are not available all through the route. All you need is a 4-wheeler, water, food and fuel till the destination. The vehicle should be perfectly serviced before the start of journey and basic knowledge of repairing are highly essential.

7. Karakoram Highway (Between India and China)

Karakoram Highway

Karakoram Pass is a controversial tract between India, Pakistan and China, which is elevated at a height of 5.5-km. The road runs along the border of china and Pakistan but originates from India. However the road is deadliest and bizarre, since there are no barriers along the road and a single mistake while driving can crush the vehicle like a paper cup. There have been scary disasters that have happened during construction of the road, wherein about 900 workers left their lives as a result of landslide. The life-threatening portion of the road is owned by the Chinese territory, which ideally falls near to the border between India and China. The visibility is highly poor during winter season and any vehicle approaching in opposite direction could make the other back-off almost a kilometre to find sufficient space to pass by.

6. Guoliang Tunnel Road (China)

Guoliang Tunnel Road

Guoliang Tunnel Road is one of the world’s scariest roads, which is located in Taihang Mountains of the Henan Province. It can be a complete death trap as there are no barriers along the road. The tunnel is very famous for tourism and is at a stretch of 1.2 km. The road is not meant for normal drivers since any mistake while driving can dig one’s own grave. Tough twist and turns in the mountain terrains of the Henan Province makes it impossible for the drivers to move forward during rainy and winter season due to poor visibility. The villagers of Henan Province face extreme difficulty in commuting to nearby places and have experienced uncountable accidents.

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5. Kabul – Jalalabad Road (Afghanisthan)

Kabul Jalalabad Road

Kabul – Jalalabad Road is the road most known for fatal accidents in the world. The road runs from Kabul through to Jalalabad in the eastern part of Afghanistan. It is at a stretch of 153 km on mountainous terrains with creepy twist, turns and cliffs, every here and there along the road. The road is also considered to come under the regions of Taliban, which contributes extra fear while travelling for the commuters. There have been many scenarios of Taliban attacks on this stretch. The road seems highly impossible for regular drivers as the visibility while driving along the road reduces drastically. The rugged surface doubles the risk of accidents and due to which there have been uncounted number of fatalities.

4. James Dalton Highway (Alaska)

James Dalton Highway

James Dalton Highway, commonly referred as Dalton Highway is one the world’s loneliest roads, which is 666 km long, located in Alaska. The human intervention is completely zero between the two points, which can turn the situation of any commuter as a nightmare if caught in the middle of nowhere. The temperate during winter was fall up to -62 degree Celsius that can freeze any human in a matter of seconds. It is highly recommended to carry sufficient amount of food, beverages and tools to fix the broken vehicle. The road as well is not well maintained that adds extra risk travelling on this track.

3. Skippers Canyon Route (New Zealand)

Skippers Canyon Road

The Skippers Canyon Route is the most dangerous and deadly road in New Zealand, which was sculptured by miners about 140 years ago. The total length of the road is about 26 km and the entire stretch executes deadly cliffs. Driving on this road is comprehensively bizarre due narrow path, which can slip the vehicle at any point of journey. One should be brave and sharp enough to drive on this road since slight distraction can be a nightmare. The road is not assisted with any guard rails, which adds extra creepiness during the drive. Though the drive can positively be adventurous, however, is not recommended for casual drivers.

2. Trollstigen Mountain Road (Norway)

Trollstigen Mountain Road

Trollstigen Mountain Road is ruffled into the mountains off the western coast of Norway. Though the spot is considered to be one of the most famous for tourists, it also plays a major part in contribution to the most dangerous roads in the world. The road connects from Andalsnes to Valldal, which is at a stretch of 55-km. The road through the journey includes many hairpin curves that make it impossible for long vehicles to turn. However, the vehicles longer than 41-feet are prohibited from entering the corridor as the risk of accidents are very high. The roads are tucked 855 meters above the sea level and due to which the visibility as well is hit drastically. The road can prominently increase the adrenaline while driving and is highly recommended to drive with increased caution. There are about 2500 vehicles commuting everyday on this road.

1. The Death Road (Bolivia)

The North Yungas Road

The Death Road is famously recognized as “The North Yungas Road”, which is at a stretch of 56 km, connecting from La Paz to Coroico. The entire stretch resembles deceptively dangerous due to rugged surface and unexpected cliffs. The Death Road is a killer road responsible for about 200-300 kills every year, no wonder as the visibility gets reduced to unexpected extent. The width of the road is about 12 feet making it impossible for the drivers to move smoothly and any vehicle advancing against them can cause serious risk of accident. During rainy season, the roads get adversely affected due to landslide and gets damaged severely worsening the condition of the road. The minimal requirements of guard rails are not put forward along making the drivers impossible to move safely all through the journey.


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