Protesters Vow To Disrupt Trump’s UK Visit

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President Trump is expected to be met with thousands of protesters, some of whom could be carrying milkshakes, for a “Carnival of Resistance” against him during his state visit the United Kingdom next week, Bloomberg reports.

According to the publication, thousands of people have said they will be attending demonstrations protesting the president’s visit during his coming three-day trip to the U.K.

More than 20,000 police officers will be deployed at 20 separate events planned across the country in a security operation expected to cost about £18million.

The main protest will be held in central London on Tuesday with organisers claiming a quarter of a million will march from Trafalgar Square to Parliament Square. Scotland Yard has given them permission to protest just yards from Downing Street while the US President has lunch there with Prime Minister Theresa May

There are fears that these anti-Trump sentiment could turn violent, and Met police chiefs are concerned that activists may adopt similar tactics used at the Extinction Rebellion protests, which brought misery to thousands in April when large parts of the capital were closed for days by protesters.

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Laurence Taylor said: ‘It’s a concern, because we would not want that type of activity to happen again. I am never going to sit here and tell you that type of incident will never happen again, because there are some things we can do in policing and some things we can’t.’

The Met said officers have met organisers of the main anti-Trump protest and have banned demonstrators from walking the entire length of Whitehall to allow the President’s motorcade to enter Downing Street without hassle.

During last year’s visit, Mr Trump spent only a few hours in London and so avoided most of the protesters, although he did acknowledge he had been made to feel unwelcome and suggested he might never visit London again.

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