How Nigerians Voted For BBNaija Is A True Reflection Of How Nigerians Vote Their Leaders

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How Nigerians Voted For BBNaija Is A True Reflection Of How Nigerians Vote Their Leaders

Without any reservation, we are aware that BBNaija is a threat to morality and decency in our country thanks to its controversial nature. However, what should be more worrisome is the fact that the average Nigerian youth is not keen to be a supporter of integrity and brilliance. An average Nigerian youth will prefer to choose a controversial figure over a competent figure; this is already clearly evident in the way Nigerians vote for their political leaders. They no longer vote for competence, character, integrity, or brilliance. They rather choose a controversial, highly incompetent or perhaps a wealthy individual with questionable character or source of wealth; hence, no leader in Nigeria has been able to prove really outstanding in performance and integrity.

Nigeria is blessed with brilliant minds who if given the opportunity to rule the country, the country will change for good. It is sad to note that we always vote for the wrong set of people who finally end up oppressing us, looting our resources and stashing the money away in banks overseas.
If Nigerian youths can channel the energy they used to vote their favourite BBNaija to vote for the right set of people in this country, this country will become a world power in a couple of years.

China for instance, was nothing to write home about 70 years ago during the era of the second world war, yet today, China is in itself a world power; even with a population of above 1 billion, unemployment in China is low; thanks to good leadership.

Finland, one of the best countries to live in at the moment once commented on Nigeria in the early 70s saying, “Nigeria is on the path to become a world power in some years time” that was when Nigeria had numerous jobs to go around for every graduate with the Naira more valuable than the US dollar then. Gen Yakubu Gowon, former military head of state in Nigeria made a remark around that same period saying, “The problem is not that we don’t have money, the problem is how to spend it” This showed that things went well in the past especially in the 1970s only for things to turn around now, with Nigeria sitting as the world poverty capital.

Nigerian Youths need to wake up and support competence and integrity over incompetence; amidst the evident reality amongst us with regards to unemployment; BBNaija was able to amass a whooping 7 billion naira! Do you have the slightest idea that if that money was invested in creating jobs, thousands of youths will have no reason to stand in lines in their numbers waiting for their turn to place a bet with the full hope that they will hit it hard one day? Thousands of youths will wake up in the morning, with the joy of knowing they are not jobless?

The menance of hawking will definitely reduce only if jobs are created. This country will definitely become a better place for all. It is time for Nigerian youths to stand up and support what is right; if we continue this way, Nigeria will become worse than what it is already.

Thanks and God bless (That’s if you believe in God)
Jayamma Abanobi

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