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Beatrice (BBNaija) Biogaphy

Beatrice Agba Nwaji is a Nigerian Fashion Model who is best known to be one of the housemates in the Season 6 Big Brother (BBNaija) reality show which began in 2021. Beatrice (BBNaija) Biogaphy

Beatrice (BBNaija) Biogaphy

Beatrice has a five-year-old son and is a single mother. Beatrice believes she was “made with a particular clay” because she doesn’t understand how she can do the things she can without learning how to do them.

She is an excellent singer, dancer, basketball and football player, as well as a talented hairstylist.

Real NameBeatrice Agba Nwaji
Date of Birth1993
Age28 years (2021)
State of OriginRivers state
EducationUniversity of Port Harcourt (Marketing)
Net worth$15,000 (before bbn)
Children1 son

Beatrice (BBNaija) Education

She studied Marketing at the University of Port Harcourt. She successfully graduated from the university. Though she studied marketing, she pushed her passion through to a higher level by learning computer software design and programming.

Beatrice (BBNaija) Biogaphy

Beatrice (BBNaija) Age

Beatrice is 28 years of age as at 2021. She was born in 1993. She is a single mother. She is separated from her partner who she had her child with.

Beatrice (BBNaija) State of Origin

Beatrice (BBNaija) is from Rivers state, Southern Nigeria.

Beatrice (BBNaija) Biogaphy

  • 1 BOMA! Mixologist amongst other things!
  • 2 SAGA! He agrees that y’all should throw him away if he doesn’t bring vibeS!
  • 3 YOUSEF! A teacher, model and soul-searcher with a touch of zeeworld.
  • 4 PERE! He calls himself the dramaking!
  • 5 Meet WHITEMONEY!
  • 6 NIYI! He married!!!
  • 7 YERINS! Medical Doctor and housefly specialist!
  • 8 JAYPAUL!
    He belongs to nobody and belongs to everybody.
  • 9 EMMANUEL! Ex Mr Ideal Nigeria winner
  • 10 SAMMIE! Cool, calm, collected and is in Biggie’s house for premium enjoyment!
  • 11 CROSS! He loves it when girls fight over him.
  • 12 Angel – It’s ladies night and the first lady to enter #BBNaija Shine Ya Eye is Angel. Adorned with 11 tattoos, Angel says that what you give is what you get.
  • 13 Peace – The 13th Housemate to enter Biggie’s House is Peace. She has a simple strategy for #BBNaija; have fun, stay in the game and win in the end.
  • 14 Jackie B – Jackie B is the 14th Housemate to enter #BBNaija Shine Ya Eye. Her strategy is to stay 10 steps ahead of her fellow Housemates.
  • 15 Tega – Housemate number 15 to enter the #BBNaija House is Tega. She says she has found the perfect balance between being calm and being hot-headed.
  • 16 ARIN – Arin joins this year’s #BBNaija as the 16th Housemate. This boss babe is an economist who says she is spice and doesn’t need to do anything extra.
  • 17 Maria – Maria joins #BBNaija Shine Ya Eye as the 17th Housemate. Air hostess-turned-realtor plans to spice things up by making all the boys fall in love with her.
  • 18 Liquorose – #BBNaija Housemate number 18 is Liquorose. She’s a content creator who admits she can be dramatic without realising it.
  • 19 Beatrice – The 19th Housemate to enter #BBNaija Shine Ya Eye is Beatrice. You will not catch this model fighting for food, a man or what rightfully belongs to her.
  • 20 Princess – Princess is the 20th Housemate to enter Biggie’s House. The taxi driver insists no one will take advantage of her as she has seen it all in the streets.
  • 21 Saskay – Saskay enters #BBNaija Shine Ya Eye as the 21st Housemate. She is bringing good content to the table for her stay in Biggie’s House.

Beatrice (BBNaija) Biogaphy

Following the conclusion of the open call auditions in May 2021, the sixth season of Africa’s most popular reality TV show, Big Brother Naija, will started on weekend. July 24th 2021.

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