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Chanty Binx (Big Red) Biography, Big Red Meme, Triggered Wiki Woman

Chanty Binx is a Canadian social justice activist. Because of her red-colored hair, she earned the nickname “Big Red” as a result of her internet fame. Chanty has, contrary to popular opinion, produced a lot of internet stirs outside of the Toronto MRA convention.

Chanty went to a gay pride march in Toronto in the summer of 2012. David Lynn of Christs Forgiveness Ministries, a street preacher, was preaching his message when Chanty approached him and insulted him.

The exchange was videotaped and went viral on the internet.
Lynn ran into Chanty again during the LGBT pride “zombie walk” in Toronto in the summer of 2013.

Chanty admits that she went too far and that they should have had a more peaceful debate. He was at this event from a year ago, and he had a rematch argument with Chanty. Nonetheless, her tone was abrasive, and she effectively told Lynn that while the preacher had a constitutional right to be there, it was “not acceptable” for him to be there ethically.

“If you don’t like the event, don’t go,” Chanty said emphatically.

Triggered Meme “Patriarchy”

In April of 2013, a video of Chanty disrupting a Men’s Rights rally at the University of Toronto was uploaded to YouTube.

Chanty is seen in the video shrieking at her opponents to “shut the fuck up” and “listen” as she goes through a litany of ways the patriarchy is oppressive. As of April 2017, the video has over 1.4 million views and is little over 12 minutes long.

Chanty was made into a meme after the video was aired, and she was given the moniker “Big Red.” Chanty has become a poster child for everything that is wrong with modern Feminism. She was also doxxed by 4chan members and went into hiding as a result of the incident.

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