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Dominic Gardner Age, Height, Weight, Instagram, Net Worth Dating

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Dominique Gardner age

Dominique Gardner is one of the eminent individuals. She is immensely famous for her role and sharing her story in the Lifetime series, “Surviving R. Kelly”. She has been making good use of the platform to share her heart-wrenching life story and has been an inspiration and motivation to many young women.

Even in the 21st century, a plethora of people compromises just for the sake of keeping their relationship healthy. However, they hide their pain and sufferings and confine themselves to keeping up their relationship. Likewise, Dominique Gardner did the same for 9 long years. Fortunately, a wave hit her and made her realize that she deserves a better partner, and should not be tolerating any trash behavior from anyone. 

Dominique Gardner’s story brought tears to many people. Moreover, it gave her wide recognition from the public. And, today, myriads of people are interested to know her personal information. 

On deck, we have gathered some of Dominique Gardner wiki facts including updates on her age, height, weight, instagram, and her relationship with R. Kelly. 

Dominique Gardner Quick Facts

Name Dominique Gardner
Birthday 4th August 1991
Age 30 Years Old
Height 5 Feet 6 Inches
Weight 65 kg
Nationality Americian
Occupation N/A
Relationsip Dating
Boyfriend R. Kelly
Zodiac Sign Leo
Instagram @gardnerprivacy
Net Worth N/A

Who Is R. Kelly Girlfriend Dominique Gardner? Wiki, Biography

Dominique Gardner has been tagged as one of the strongest women. Today, the majority of people know her. Moreover, she has been able to win the hearts of many people, and gain attention from the public. More than anything, Dominique is famous for disseminating her life story, “Surviving R. Kelly”.

Dominique Gardner Wiki

When people commenced hearing her story, they admired her bravery and supported her. Talking about her professional career, Dominique has not disclosed anything. Thus, we do not have any information on her profession and career.

Dominique Gardner graduated from high school in 2015. Upon the completion of her high school, Dominique Gardner got accepted into a dental hygienist program. Later, in 2013, she graduated from it.

During her childhood days, her mother was strict and she was not allowed to even use her phone without her mother’s permission. Thus, Dominique was brought up in a controlling environment.

How Old Is R. Kelly Girlfriend Dominique Gardner? Age, Birthday

Dominique Gardner was born on 4th August 1991 in San Diego, California, Unites States. As of 2021 Dominique Gardner age is 30 years old. Gardner celebrates her birthday each year on 4th August, her zodiac sign is Leo. Leos are deemed to be competitive and bold.

Thus, it is clear that Dominique has inculcated all the positive personality traits of her zodiac sign. While Dominique was born in California, later, she moved to Indiana and grew up there.

How Tall Is R. Kelly Girlfriend Dominique Gardner? Height, Weight

Dominique Gardner seems to have a tall height. looking at her photos, we can easily distinguish that she stands taller than the average woman. However, Dominique is about 5 feet 9 inch tall and weights around 65 kg Talking about her weight, she looks fit and healthy. 

Dominique Gardner Instagram

Dominique Gardner is quite famous on Instagram. Her Instagram account is @gardnerprivacy.

Dominique Gardner Instagram

With a verified Instagram account and owning around 75.3k followers, she is active on Instagram. However, it seems that Dominique is not that fascinated about posting in her Instagram feed. It is because, as of now, she only has 15 posts. It could be because she may not be comfortable sharing her personal photos with the public.

Dominique And R. Kelly Relationship Updates!

Dominique and R. Kelly met in 2009 when Dominique was just 17. Gardner had sexual contact with R. Kelly when she was 17. Moreover, Kramer made headlines after Kramer told Dominique Gardner’s story on Lifetime’s Surviving R. Kelly earlier this year. Doninique Gardner met the singer through another R. Kelly fan on MySpace in 2009. She ended up living with him for years until Kramer came and rescued her. After splitting up with R. Kelly, she shared her story with the public.

As of now, Dominique has a child, and many people assumed that the father could possibly be R. Kelly. However, she did not disclose the biological father. Instead, a young man named Sean and Dominique is co-parenting with their daughter.

How Much Is R. Kelly Girlfriend Dominique Gardner Net worth 2021?

All of us know that Dominique is quite famous for sharing her story. She does make money from it. So, it is clear that Dominique makes a hefty net worth.

Dominique Gardner Net Worth

However, we do not know her professional career and her job. So, it is daunting to assume Dominique Gardner’s net worth 2021.





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