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Emilio Martínez, born on May 10, 1999, is a Spanish social media star who gained fame as one half of the “Martinez Twins”. Known for their entertaining content on TikTok and YouTube, Emilio, alongside his twin brother Ivan, has amassed millions of followers on various social media platforms.

Emilio Martínez: At A Glance

Full NameEmilio Martínez Pérez
Date of BirthMay 10, 1999
Place of BirthCatalonia, Spain
OccupationSocial Media Personality, YouTuber, TikTok Star
Notable WorksMartinez Twins YouTube Channel
SiblingIvan Martínez (Twin Brother)
Estimated Net Worth (2023)$2 million

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Emilio Martínez was born in Catalonia, Spain, alongside his twin brother Ivan. The brothers began their journey to fame by creating a YouTube channel and posting fun and entertaining videos, which quickly gained traction.

Rise to Stardom

The Martinez Twins’ breakthrough came when they joined Jake Paul’s social media collective, Team 10, in 2017. Their humorous skits and prank videos earned them a substantial following, and their popularity skyrocketed. However, they left Team 10 later the same year due to internal conflicts.

Expanding Their Online Presence

Following their departure from Team 10, the twins continued to grow their online presence. They built up their YouTube channel with vlogs, challenges, and prank videos, while also gaining a massive following on TikTok with their engaging short-form content.

Personal Life

Emilio and his brother Ivan have a close bond, often seen collaborating on their videos. The twins are known for their laid-back and fun-loving personalities, which shine through in their content.

Legacy and Influence

The Martinez Twins, including Emilio, are part of the new generation of digital influencers who’ve successfully built a career through social media. Their engaging content and charismatic personalities have resonated with millions of viewers, making them notable figures in the digital media landscape.


From their beginnings in Spain to gaining international fame, Emilio Martínez and his twin brother Ivan have made a significant impact in the digital world. Their dynamic content continues to entertain their millions of followers, and fans are eager to see how their careers continue to unfold.

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