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Farah Dhukai is a YouTuber, fashion blogger, make-up artist, and hairdresser who was born on December 12, 1987. She has 2.27 million YouTube subscribers and 6.7 million Instagram followers as of November 2019.

NameFarah Dhukai
Net Worth$10 Million
Date of BirthDecember 12, 1987
Age35 Years (2022)
EthnicitySoutheast Asian
Birth PlaceToronto, Ontario
Makeup artist
NationalityCanadian, Indian

Farah Dhukai Background

Farah Dhukai was born to Indian parents. Her family has lived in East Africa for several generations; her mother’s family is from Tanzania, and her father’s family is from Uganda. She, on the other hand, was born and raised in the city of Toronto, Ontario.
Farah became more of a girl’s girl during the summer of 2000, when she started ninth school. She started taking a lot of her older sister’s outfits and using her makeup once they became closer. She also grew her hair out to a much longer length at this point.

Farah Dhukai Education

She still didn’t know what she wanted to do with her life after she finished from secondary school. One of her male friends suggested she enroll in a cosmetics art school. She took his advise and enrolled at the School of Makeup Art in downtown Toronto for a three-month program.

Farah Dhukai arrived to New York City in February 2007 after persuading her father to agree. She enrolled in the Aveda Institute’s cosmetology science program while living with a friend in Manhattan.
She received an honor’s diploma in the makeup profession from the program in November 2007.

Farah Dhukai Career

Her grandmother died a month after she graduated. This had a significant impact on her, as she would abandon many jobs after only four hours of work. This went on for a two-year span.
Three years later, though, things had changed.

YouTube is a video sharing website (Makeup Videos)

Michelle Phan was discovered by Farah on YouTube in 2010. She began to follow her cosmetic lessons and appreciated what she was accomplishing.

On June 5, 2010, she became a member of the Youtube community. She, on the other hand, did not feel comfortable releasing any of her films since she lacked confidence. On February 24, 2011, she released her debut video, “How to achieve Long Shiny Healthy Hair! — My Haircare Routine!” to the world.

As her program gained in popularity, she began to receive comments from her viewers thanking her for changing their lives. This encouraged her to keep creating Videos on a regular basis.
Instagram is a social media platform that allows (Hiatus from YouTube)

Farah Dhukai left Youtube in August 2016 and began posting more frequently on her Instagram account. She felt like she wasn’t receiving nearly as many views as she used to. She stated she cared too much about her extremely low numbers during that time period, and as a result, she felt like people didn’t like her videos any longer.

As a result, she turned to Instagram, where her videos were receiving a lot more attention. She, on the other hand, received no compensation from the platform.

However, in August 2017, she announced her return to Youtube with a video and a promise to upload one video each week to her channel.


Farah Dhukai launched the Farsali website in late 2015. Her vision was to develop a platform that would connect the worlds of beauty and skincare.

Farah Dhukai Husband

Sal Ali, is Farah Dhukai’s husband, and they have been married since October 2, 2011. They were introduced by a mutual friend.

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