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Frankie Hough is an American actress who is best known for played Jess Holt from late 2000 until April 2001. Hough also appeared in Merseybeat, Heartbeat, Where the Heart Is and Wire in the Blood. Hough tragically passed away on 15th May 2023 following a tragic car accident.

Frankie Hough Cause of Death

As reported by The UK Mirror, the unfortunate incident occurred when the 38-year-old actress was en route with her two young sons and nephew, and a speeding vehicle hit them.

The actress, who was at 18 weeks into her pregnancy, along with the three other passengers, were airlifted to the hospital. It’s been shared that her son Tommy, aged 9, and nephew Tobias, just 4, were both placed into medically induced comas.

Frankie, renowned for her role as Jess Holt in the TV show Hollyoaks, tragically did not survive.

The tragic event happened on May 14, yet the news of Frankie’s death was not made public until her fellow actor Paul Danan made the announcement on social media the following Wednesday. Adil Iqbal, a 22-year-old man from Accrington, Lancashire, has since pleaded guilty to causing Frankie’s death and also confessed to inflicting severe injuries on Frankie’s son, Tommy. Iqbal is scheduled to be sentenced on July 19th.

Frankie Hough Husband

At the moment of Frankie Hough’s passing, information about her husband was unavailable. Nonetheless, given she was in the 18th week of her pregnancy and already a mother to two children, it can be reasonably inferred that a significant male figure was present in her life.

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