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Homeowners Insurance Water Heater; Does It Cover It?



Is Water Heater Damage Covered by Homeowners Insurance?

In many circumstances, water heater damage caused by an exploding or leaking water heater will be covered by your homes insurance if the incident is deemed a covered danger by your insurer.

Your homes insurance may refuse the claim outright if your water heater was outdated or in clear need of repair, including any water damage to your property as a result of the occurrence.

To avoid the unpleasant and costly situation of water damage without the proper coverage, keep track of the age and condition of your water heater and other appliances.

Most basic homeowner’s insurance policies do not cover the cost of repairing or replacing a water heater that breaks down due to normal wear and tear. The majority of the time, homeowners are responsible for all appliance upkeep, repairs, and replacements, including water heaters.

A water heater that has been damaged by an event covered explicitly in the insurance policy, such as a fire, may be covered by home insurance. In addition, housing damage caused by an unexpected water heater leak is frequently covered by insurance coverage.

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Because most homeowner’s insurance policies do not cover appliance repairs, homeowners are usually liable for fixing their water heaters, even if the failure was not their fault. When a water heater breaks down due to one of the following reasons, homeowners insurance won’t cover it.

  • Owner carelessness or failure to properly care for the appliance
  • The appliance’s age
  • Wear and tear are inevitable.
  • The water heater has a manufacturing flaw.
  • Incorrect installation
  • Problems with the pipes that lead to the water heater

Proper care and maintenance, such as flushing the heater on a regular basis, can help homeowners extend the life of their water heater. Water heaters, like most appliances, ultimately wear out and need to be repaired or replaced.

Additional equipment breakdown coverage is available from some insurance providers, and it pays for necessary appliance repairs and replacements. To find out if this type of coverage is available to you, speak with your insurance agent.

You should think about how much your premium will be and whether you’ll have to pay a deductible.

Is Water Heater Replacement Covered by Homeowners Insurance?

Water heater replacements are covered by home insurance policies in the same way that repairs are.

Even if the homeowner is not at fault, policies do not cover water heater replacements when a water heater fails due to age or negligence.

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Replacement prices can be substantial, especially for modern tankless water heaters, so if your water heater is older or exhibiting symptoms of difficulties, you may want to prepare ahead.

Water heaters may be covered as personal property in some cases.
Under some conditions, though, homeowners insurance may cover your water heater. Personal property coverage is included in most house insurance policies for personal goods inside the home, and your water heater will most likely be considered personal property.

Personal property is usually only covered by insurance if it is lost or damaged due to a “listed peril.” Specific causes of loss stated in the policy are referred to as listed risks. You should study your policy or consult with insurance agent for a complete list of listed risks, but some examples include:

Lightning strikes Tornadoes Vandalism Theft House fires
As a result, your homeowners insurance may cover the cost of your water heater, but only if the damage is caused by a specific reason specified in the policy. A water heater that has stopped working due to age or regular wear and tear is not covered by personal property protection.

Is Insurance Coverage for a Leaking Water Heater Available?

While a homeowner’s insurance policy is unlikely to cover the cost of repairing a leaking water heater, it may cover the cost of water damage caused by the leak. Although flood damage from natural catastrophes is not covered by home insurance, most property coverage will pay to repair damage to your home caused by appliance problems.

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Unexpected leaks or drains from a water heater can cause damage to flooring, drywall, and other areas of the home. You may be able to make a claim with your homeowner’s insurance to have the repairs covered.

Insurance companies may deny claims if they feel the water damage was caused by you failing to replace a broken or malfunctioning water heater. You can avoid this situation by ensuring that your water heater receives the appropriate maintenance and repairs.

Is Plumbing Covered by Homeowners Insurance?

Your water heater is a crucial part of your home’s plumbing system, and problems can sometimes spread beyond it. Plumbing repairs are usually not covered by insurance, therefore homeowners are responsible for paying a plumber to fix their pipes. Frozen pipes aren’t covered by most policies, either.

Water damage from burst pipes and other plumbing issues, on the other hand, may be covered by insurance. Some homeowners insurance policies may cover repairs to your home’s structure if your pipes burst and cause floods.

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