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Laila Wiggins, better known as Brace Face Laii, is a popular video content creator on Instagram, where she primarily posts dance videos to hip-hop songs with friends and family. She has amassed over 1.7 million followers on the platform, showcasing her popularity among fans worldwide.

NameLaila Wiggins
Date of BirthMay 29, 2004
Place of BirthVirginia, United States
Age19 years old
OccupationInstagram Star, Social Media Personality
Known ForDancing videos on Instagram, Dubsmash
Estimated Net Worth (2023)Not Publicly Disclosed

Early Life and Rise to Fame

Born on May 29, 2004, in Virginia, United States, Laila Wiggins, better known as Brace Face Laii, first started gaining recognition on Instagram for her unique dance videos. However, her account was hacked in December 2017, resulting in the loss of all her content. Despite this setback, Laii managed to quickly bounce back, growing her follower base to over 1.7 million.

Social Media Career

Brace Face Laii’s Instagram content primarily features her dancing to hip-hop tracks, often alongside friends and family. This lively content has resonated with a vast audience, helping her build an impressive follower count.

In addition to Instagram, she also maintains a popular Dubsmash account, which had surpassed 20 million views by the summer of 2020, further demonstrating her digital success.

Personal Life

Brace Face Laii has frequently showcased her niece and nephew on her channel, giving fans a glimpse into her family life. She also had a relationship with Anayah Rice, with whom she ran a joint Instagram account, lndn4l.

Associated With

Laii often collaborates with her friend Esssenccee for content creation, adding to the diversity and appeal of her Instagram posts.


Despite a significant setback early in her digital career, Brace Face Laii has shown remarkable resilience and dedication, rebuilding her following and establishing a significant presence in the social media landscape. Through her dynamic dance videos and engaging content, she continues to entertain and inspire her fans around the world.

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