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Lawsuits have long been a part of the business landscape, and while many of them are settled quietly, some legal battles make headlines due to their jaw-dropping price tags.

In this article, we’ll dive into the top 10 most expensive lawsuits in history, exploring the fascinating details behind these high-stakes courtroom dramas.

Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement (1998) – $206 Billion

In one of the largest settlements ever, major tobacco companies, including Philip Morris, R.J. Reynolds, and Brown & Williamson, agreed to pay $206 billion over 25 years to 46 US states. The settlement resolved multiple lawsuits seeking compensation for tobacco-related health costs and introduced new advertising restrictions for the industry.

The BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill (2010) – $65 Billion

The Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico led to a series of legal battles for BP, resulting in a total cost of over $65 billion. This amount includes fines, settlements, and cleanup costs, making it one of the most expensive environmental disasters in history.

Enron Shareholders Class Action (2006) – $7.2 Billion

Following the collapse of energy giant Enron in 2001, shareholders filed a class-action lawsuit against the company and its executives. In 2006, the case was settled for a record-breaking $7.2 billion, making it the largest securities fraud settlement in US history.

WorldCom Securities Litigation (2005) – $6.1 Billion

The collapse of telecommunications giant WorldCom in 2002 resulted in massive investor losses. In 2005, the company’s former CEO, Bernie Ebbers, was found guilty of fraud and conspiracy. The lawsuit led to a $6.1 billion settlement, making it one of the largest corporate fraud cases in history.

Apple vs. Samsung (2012) – $1 Billion

In a high-profile intellectual property battle, Apple sued Samsung in 2012, claiming that the latter had copied several features from the iPhone and iPad. The jury awarded Apple over $1 billion in damages, making it one of the most expensive patent lawsuits ever.

Texaco vs. Pennzoil (1987) – $10.53 Billion

In 1987, Pennzoil sued Texaco for interfering with its planned merger with Getty Oil. After a lengthy trial, a Texas jury awarded Pennzoil $10.53 billion in damages, making it one of the largest civil judgments in US history.

AOL Time Warner Shareholder Litigation (2005) – $2.65 Billion

In 2005, AOL Time Warner agreed to a $2.65 billion settlement in a class-action lawsuit filed by shareholders. The lawsuit accused the company of inflating its stock price through fraudulent accounting practices, leading to one of the largest shareholder settlements in history.

Visa and Mastercard Antitrust Litigation (2012) – $7.25 Billion

In 2012, Visa and Mastercard settled an antitrust lawsuit brought by a group of US retailers for a whopping $7.25 billion. The lawsuit accused the credit card giants of fixing interchange fees, which are charged to merchants for processing card transactions.

The Dow Corning Breast Implant Litigation (1998) – $3.2 Billion

Dow Corning, a leading silicone breast implant manufacturer, faced thousands of lawsuits from women who claimed that their implants caused various health problems. In 1998, the company agreed to a $3.2 billion settlement, one of the largest product liability settlements in history.

Merck’s Vioxx Settlement (2007) – $4.85 Billion

Pharmaceutical giant Merck faced a multitude of lawsuits following revelations that its painkiller Vioxx significantly increased the risk of heart attacks and strokes. In 2007, the company agreed to a $4.85 billion settlement to resolve thousands of Vioxx-related cases, marking one of the largest pharmaceutical settlements in history.

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