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Michael Crichton, born on October 23, 1942, in Chicago, Illinois, USA, was an American author, screenwriter, and filmmaker. He is best known for his works in the science fiction, thriller, and medical fiction genres, with his most famous work being the novel “Jurassic Park.”

NameJohn Michael Crichton
Birth DateOctober 23, 1942
BirthplaceChicago, Illinois, USA
EducationHarvard University, Harvard Medical School
ProfessionAuthor, Screenwriter, Filmmaker
Height6 ft 9 in (2.06 m)
Years Active1966 – 2008
Marital StatusMarried (at the time of his death)
Estimated Net Worth$175 million (at the time of his death in 2008)

Early Life and Education

Born in Chicago, Illinois, Crichton was raised in Roslyn, New York. He studied literature at Harvard University, later graduating from Harvard Medical School. While at Harvard Medical School, he wrote novels under various pseudonyms.

Career Beginnings and Success

Crichton’s career took off with the publication of “The Andromeda Strain” in 1969, a novel that brought him fame and financial success. He later went on to write many bestselling novels, including “Sphere,” “Congo,” “Rising Sun,” and the immensely popular “Jurassic Park,” which was later adapted into a blockbuster movie franchise.

In addition to his writing career, Crichton also had a successful career in film and television. He wrote and directed numerous films, and was the creator of the hit television show “ER.”

Personal Life

Crichton was married five times and had two children. His hobbies included travel, fine art collection, and software development.

Legacy and Influence

Crichton’s legacy in the world of fiction is immense. His works are known for their meticulous research, fast-paced narratives, and thought-provoking exploration of technological and scientific themes. His unique blend of science and suspense set a new standard in the techno-thriller genre.

Death and Posthumous Works

Crichton passed away on November 4, 2008, due to lymphoma. However, his work continues to be published posthumously, maintaining his status as one of the bestselling authors of the modern era.

Estimated Net Worth

At the time of his death in 2008, Michael Crichton’s estimated net worth was around $175 million. His wealth was amassed from his successful career as an author, screenwriter, and filmmaker. The continued popularity of his works ensures that his estate continues to generate revenue.

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