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Mike Trivisonno Wife

Mike Trivisonno Wife – Tami Trivisonno was the wife of American radio host Mike Trivisonno. They have been married since 2011 following the death of Mike’s former wife.

Mike Trivisonno Wife

Mike Trivisonno and Tami Trivisonno are married. Mike and Tami had been married since 2011, although Tami had remained relatively anonymous.

Tami and Mike have no children together, according to The Sun, but the radio DJ has three children from a previous marriage: Michelle, Michael, and Anthony.

Mike was previously married to Linda, his ‘high school sweetheart,’ who died of lung and brain cancer in 2009, according to sources.

Mike Trivisonno Biogaphy

Mike Trivisonno Biogaphy – Mike Trivisonno (September 20, 1947 – October 28, 2021) was an American radio host who was best known for anchoring his own afternoon talk program on Cleveland’s WTAM AM 1100. Callers and the media in Cleveland called to him simply as “Triv.”

Mike Trivisonno Wife

He got his start in the media profession as a frequent caller to Peter Franklin’s sports talk show in 1986.

Mike Trivisonno Career – Trivisonno went on to have a great career with WTAM AM 1100, particularly with his self-titled talk show, ‘The Triv Show.’ Mike was even labeled as “Cleveland’s Voice.”

Trivisonno was also committed to charitable work, raising more than $5 million for local charities over his career, according to WTAM.

He was a regular caller on WTAM AM 1100’s Sportsline radio show (during this period the station was operating under the WWWE call letters).

The show focused on Cleveland athletics and was hosted by the acerbic Pete Franklin. Franklin, who usually cut off most callers, began to give “Mike from Mayfield” some leeway because of his insightful remarks, particularly on the Cleveland Browns. Franklin began calling Trivisonno “Mr. Know It All,” a title he would use for the rest of his radio career.

In 1987, Trivisonno began his own broadcasting career, working for a period at WNCX, commenting on sports (especially boxing) and eventually becoming a full-time personality from 1989 to 1992.

In 1994, he began hosting Sportsline on WWWE. The show originally aired from 6 to 11 p.m. Even though it was frequently competing with Cleveland Indians games on WKNR, the show did well in the ratings.

It went so well that Trivisonno was moved to afternoon drive-time (under the Sportsline banner until 1998; since then, under his own name), leaving Sportsline to other hosts.

The Mike Trivisonno Show has consistently ranked #1 or second in its time slot in the ratings throughout its history.

His show began as a place for Trivisonno to talk about sports, but it evolved into a place for him to talk about politics, local issues, current events, and whatever else was on his mind at the moment.

He discusses subjects (and frequently disagrees) with listeners and/or his many producers and sidekicks who worked alongside him on the show.

Trivisonno’s popularity and strong ratings earned him a spot in Talkers Magazine’s “Heavy Hundred” on several occasions, most recently in 2015, when he was ranked #72.

In 2010, he was nominated for the Marconi Award for Large Market Personality of the Year.

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