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Is Moriah Mills Pregnant?

Moriah Mills, the former adult film actress who claimed to have had a romantic relationship with NBA star Zion Williamson, has recently stirred controversy by hinting that she’s pregnant and suggesting that Williamson may be the father. She posted a video of a positive pregnancy test and even conducted an online poll proposing potential names for the baby, further leading to speculation about the paternity.

Mills has been vocal on social media about her alleged relationship with Zion, sharing intimate details and even threatening to release private content, which ultimately resulted in her being banned from Twitter. She also claimed to have tattooed the basketball player’s name on her cheek, although this has been met with skepticism and there’s speculation that it might have been fabricated.

Amidst this controversy, support for Zion has come from his family, notably his stepfather, who publicly endorsed him at an event in New Orleans. However, Zion himself has not yet publicly responded to Mills’ allegations and recent developments.

It’s essential to bear in mind that these are currently only allegations and hints from Mills and nothing has been officially confirmed by either party. The public and fans have been reacting with mixed opinions to Mills’ claims, with some questioning the veracity of her pregnancy announcement and others speculating about potential motives behind her actions.

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