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Nikocado Avocado is a famous YouTuber who runs multiple channels. He has garnered a significant following on the platform, and his content has millions of views. He is best known for his mukbang videos that sometimes feature other famous YouTube celebrities.

When Nikocado Avocado started vlogging, he was a vegetarian. He has since changed his food preferences and now makes food-related videos featuring plenty of meat and other animal-based foods. Learn more about his life, including his marriage, health status, and weight, below.

NameNicholas Perry
Date of Birth19th May 1992
ProfessionYouTuber, entrepreneur, violinist
SpouseOrlin Home (2017-2022)
Estimated Net Worth$6 million
Height5′ 6″ (168 cm)
Weight Lost90 pounds (40 kg)
Current Weight260 pounds (119 kg)

Early Life and Background

Nicholas Perry (alias Nikocado Avocado) is a YouTube celebrity. An American couple adopted Nicholas at birth, and he has a sister and a younger brother. Nicholas was born in Kherson, Ukraine, but grew up in the US. He owns a $2.3 million penthouse apartment in Orlando, Florida, USA.


Nicholas went to elementary and high schools in Pennsylvania. He attended The Pennsylvania Governor’s School for the Arts on a full scholarship, Chamber Music in Grantham, and The Catholic University of America, earning a Bachelor of Music degree in Violin Performance.


Nicholas started as a violinist before shifting to YouTube. He runs multiple channels, initially posting vegan content before switching to mukbang videos. His channels have millions of subscribers, views, and he also sells branded merchandise.

Personal Life

Nicholas was married to fellow mukbang YouTuber Rodrigo Gonzalez for about six years but is now single. He has a history of depression, ADHD, and OCD, and is known for his controversial content.

Estimated Net Worth

According to Naibuzz, Nicholas is worth $6 million. His wealth comes from vlogging, selling merch, and Patreon.


Nikocado Avocado’s journey from a vegetarian vlogger to a mukbang YouTuber has been filled with ups and downs. His content, weight loss journey, and personal life have garnered attention, making him one of the notable YouTube stars. With millions of followers, he continues to be a significant influencer in the online community.

Make sure to follow Nikocado Avocado on his social media pages:

  • Instagram: @nikocado
  • Facebook: @MoreNikocadotv
  • TikTok: @realnikocadoavocado

His inspiring journey and entertaining content are bound to keep his fans engaged for years to come. Whether it’s his weight loss, videos with other celebrities, or his life’s story, there’s always something fascinating about Nikocado Avocado.

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