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Phil Lester, widely recognized as “AmazingPhil,” is an acclaimed British YouTuber, vlogger, and radio host. With over 3.9 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, Lester has made a significant mark in the digital media world. His quirky and unique content, which covers a wide range of topics, has drawn a large international audience.

NamePhilip Michael Lester
Birth DateJanuary 30, 1987
BirthplaceRawtenstall, England
ProfessionYouTube Star, Radio Host
Years Active2006 – Present
Estimated Net Worth$3 Million (as of 2023)

Early Life and Career

Born and raised in Rawtenstall, England, Lester posted his first YouTube video at the age of 19, and since then, he has continued to captivate his audience with his entertaining and creative content. He is also known for his work as a co-host on the BBC Radio 1 entertainment show with Dan Howell, another prominent figure in the YouTube community.

Personal Life

Phil has a brother named Martyn. In a “coming out” video he released on his YouTube channel in June 2019, he shared his experiences growing up gay, contributing to the conversation surrounding LGBTQ+ rights and acceptance.


One of Lester’s most popular series started through the entertainment website My Damn Channel, in which he focused on investigating paranormal events. In 2015, he co-authored “The Amazing Book Is Not On Fire” with Dan Howell.

Estimated Net Worth

As of 2023, Phil Lester’s estimated net worth is around $3 million, accrued primarily from his YouTube content, radio hosting, book sales, and related endeavors.

Over the years, Phil Lester, with his engaging content and charismatic personality, has created a significant digital footprint. His coming out video has also added to the important conversation around LGBTQ+ visibility and acceptance, making him not just a YouTube star, but also an influential figure in the digital space.

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