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Tabitha Swatosh is an American model, TikToker, and social media influencer. Widely known on TikTok for her storytimes, lip-syncs, and short dance videos, Swatosh has gained immense popularity. She’s also a victor in various beauty contests, including the Miss Missouri State University pageant, and her YouTube channel boasts over 800 million views. This biography unravels essential aspects of her life, career, family, and more.

NameTabitha Swatosh
Date of Birth25 August 2000
ProfessionModel, Content creator, Actress, and Influencer
Estimated Net Worth$1 million

Early Life and Background

Tabitha was born in Lamar, Missouri, USA. Her parents, Stacie and Mathew Swatosh, and younger siblings, Blake and Madalyn Swatosh, who are also TikTok content creators, were supportive of her career choices.


Modeling Career

Swatosh has a thriving modeling career, winning several titles including the Miss Missouri State University pageant, Miss Merry Christmas 2017, and more. She has modeled for Calvin Klein, Sporting Goods, and others, and even featured in YouTube’s Coachella campaign.

Acting Career

Moving towards acting, Tabitha featured in the Netflix reality show Hype House. Unfortunately, she was kicked out for misbehaving with other contestants, leading to public accusations of her mistreatment on the show.

Social Media Influencer

With 13.7 million TikTok followers, over 2 million YouTube subscribers, and 1.7 million Instagram followers, Swatosh is a notable online content creator. Her engaging content, endorsements, and brand collaborations are key aspects of her influence.


Swatosh attended a local high school and graduated from Missouri State University.

Personal Life

Rumors of a relationship with fellow influencer Michael Sanzone started in 2022, though details remain unclear. Previously, she had a long-distance relationship with Matt Ryan, but they broke up due to irreconcilable differences. Her family, particularly her father and stepdad, have made appearances in her videos.

Estimated Net Worth

Tabitha Swatosh’s net worth is guesstimated at $1 million. Her primary income sources include her social media influence, modeling, and acting roles.


Tabitha Swatosh’s fame, predominantly from TikTok, extends across other social media platforms. As a model, actress, and influencer, she’s become a prominent figure. Her career achievements, personal life, and financial status create an inspiring success story. Her close-knit family and strong Christian background form the backbone of her thriving career. Her willingness to share her life publicly has endeared her to millions, and her story continues to unfold. Whether on TikTok, YouTube, or Instagram, Swatosh’s engaging content and vibrant personality make her a standout star in the digital age.

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