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Tasha K, aka Latasha Kebe, is a social media influencer, YouTuber, and content creator. Her YouTube channel UnWine with Tasha K and a web series of the same name are her most well-known works.

Who is Tasha K (Latasha Kebe) Background

The vlogger was born in Panama City, Florida, on March 10, 1982, and now lives in Atlanta, Georgia. She began her YouTube career in 2015 and now has over one million subscribers.

Tasha’s pop-culture talks, celebrity gossip videos, and interviews acquired her a following on social media. She is extremely active on social media, with 298K Instagram followers.

For $2.99 per month, customers may receive exclusive interviews on the YouTuber’s website, which also functions as a streaming service platform. Kebe has been in the spotlight since 2019 due to her ongoing court battle with Cardi B.

In 2019, Cardi B sued Tasha K for libel and defamation (photo courtesy of Rich Fury/Getty Images).

In 2019, Cardi B sued Tasha K for libel and defamation (photo courtesy of Rich Fury/Getty Images).

Cardi B filed a libel and defamation lawsuit against Tasha K in March 2019, alleging that the rapper used narcotics, contracted herpes, and engaged in questionable professional engagements.

In at least 23 YouTube videos over 14 months, the YouTuber made “false and defamatory assertions” about the singer, according to the lawsuit. Tasha used her position to “promote malicious falsehoods, libelous assertions, and false information about celebrities” for financial benefit, according to the Bodak Yellow hitmaker.

Tasha planned a “malicious campaign to injure and ruin” Cardi, according to her lawyers, and “acted with reckless disregard” despite knowing the “statements were untrue.”

They claimed that Tasha’s conduct caused the rapper “embarrassment, humiliation, mental pain, and emotional grief.”

The Grammy winner demanded compensation and that the YouTuber “completely erase any libelous and derogatory allegations” made about her.

Tasha attempted to countersue Cardi, stating that the rapper’s friends had threatened to harm her with the help of gang members in retaliation to the lawsuit. However, US district judge William Ray dismissed the allegations due to a “lack of evidence” and a failure to prove the allegations.

Cheickna H Kebe is Tasha K Husband’s true name. He is a Malian national who has spent more than 20 years in the food industry. In 2006, she and her spouse met for the first time and went on a date at the same time. At the time, they were both working at Houstons, a restaurant.

Tasha K’s “proposal video” claims that she and Cheickna had only been dating for a few weeks when he planned the proposal. They were in Atlanta, Georgia at the time. A Cobb County police officer stopped them on their way to a restaurant. The cops demanded his driver’s license and registration, but he accidentally handed over Tasha’s ID.

Her spouse was ordered to sit in the automobile while she was requested to exit the vehicle. Because an arrest warrant had been issued, he arrested her for driving without insurance, no registration, and a suspended license.

He proposed to her the day after her arrest. They’ve been married for almost 14 years and have at least three children together.

Tasha K’s UnwineWithYouTube2020

In August of 2015, Tasha launched her YouTube account. She gives interesting speeches. The event, which is known for its laughter and wine, is also aired live on Twitter, where the host is known as “Queen of Real Talk.” On YouTube, the channel has over 616,000 subscribers and over 10,000 Twitter followers. As a result, the channel is one of the most interesting of its type, with exclusive content on some of Hollywood’s biggest stars, including celebrity engagements, entertainment news, gossip, scandals, and divorces.

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